Atlas® Framework Accelerates Sales & Revenue Transformations

The client had six months to decouple from a homegrown legacy system and spin off from one large business into four distinct business units. The client needed to accomplish this goal with urgency but also to simplify system architecture to leverage best-in-industry solutions.

Revenue Cloud Implementation Nets Process Improvements, Boosts Sales & Revenue Management

The client’s sales teams used various unintegrated quoting & CRM tools including three different systems to complete a quote and six additional forms or spreadsheets. The process required three different applications for credit checks and used four non-integrated contracts requiring customer signature. Their original process also leveraged four different pricing processes.

Data Integrity Leads to Improved Invoicing & Billing Events

The client needed to improve data integrity for their finance teams to facilitate proper invoicing & billing events for customer satisfaction. They were seeking to streamline sales processes & order management in Salesforce as a Centralized System.