Breakfast Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day before lunch and after last night’s dinner. If you’re going to grab a bite before hitting the office, which is a good idea because Jay Allen will most likely have eaten all the doughnuts, these are the top places your food-deprived feet can carry you in and around downtown.

The Future of Quote to Cash

Our industry is faced with an array of new, promising technologies that offer immense potential, or can impose tremendous distraction.

Things I Learned Undercover at Quote 2 Cast

I used my unintentional anonymity and sloth-like reflexes to slip away from my conference duties and go undercover at Q2Cast as an obviously worldly and mildly-educated summit attendee.

Drink Like a Local at Missoula’s Quote 2 Cast

There is a saloon for every ilk, from the deepest dive to Montana’s version of swank. Clubs? Not really. But you can dance at just about any of the following and no one will care. Maybe stay off the tables.

10 Reasons to Dash to Quote 2 Cast

There are a handful of seats left ahead of next week’s registration deadline, so we thought we might try to sway you with a some hard-to-resist reasons you need to be here in Big Sky Country.

Lunch Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

It’s tough to nail down exactly why, but food really makes a person feel alive. Paris we are not, but Missoula has its fair share of unbelievably fun eateries.

Quote 2 Cast’s Secret Session

You see, ever since we started planning this year’s summit way back at the beginning of last week, there has been a single 45-minute time slot in the late afternoon blacked out.
Hmmm. Suspicious?

It’s Quote 2 Cast Season!

Ahhh… June in Montana – the nights are getting long, the sun is out in full, and the raging rivers are finally clearing up and awaiting the Salmon Fly hatch. It must be time to think about Quote 2 Cast 2018!

Quote 2 Cast 2017 Curtain Call

Well, ATG’s inaugural Quote 2 Cast Summit is in the books, but I am pleased to say that the ripples from this deep dive into the pond are continuing to flow!

ATG Q2Cast Primer: Your Day on the Mountain

If you read ATG Q2Cast Preview: Your Day on the River, you’ve probably already realized that you need to get up pretty early in the morning to eat your lunch by 8:30 am.