How to Integrate CLM & Salesforce CPQ

As a business grows, the sales contract process becomes increasingly complex, especially in a business-to-business (B2B) selling situation. Selling to business customers typically involves longer sales cycles, more scrutiny of deals, complex product and service offerings, and higher customer expectations.

SPM in Uncertain Times

Sellers know it is informal communication that can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. When forced to remove traditional in-person meetings within the sales process, how can sellers create and maintain meaningful customer relationships naturally fostered by these in-person interactions?

Virtual Networking

Let’s be honest for a second – in-person networking can be overwhelming. You get nervous. The conversation can be awkward. It can be difficult to appropriately and professionally interrupt a group that’s mid-conversation.

Aim Higher is off to an AIM-azing Start

AIM Cohort 1 Graduation 1

All-In Missoula (AIM), Cognizant’s exciting 12-week consultant trainee program in Missoula is off to an AIM-azing start. The first cohort, made up of 26 students, wrapped up the inaugural training program on…

The Quote to Cash Tour

Now, generally you hear a lot about Quote to Cash with big service-provider, business-to-business companies in negotiated-selling environments. But let’s break the concept down to the lowest common denominator – McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s.

ATG Inks Lease for New Missoula Offices

Teeming with city parks, the area will allow ATG to build a fully self-sustainable ecosystem at OSD. Early plans are, according to our source, to repurpose the softball fields at McCormick Park so that ATG can raise their own livestock for both sustenance and companionship.

The Call of the Wild – ATG Employees Who Came Home to Montana

Call of the Wild

The size of a company can have an impact on almost every aspect of its work environment, from daily operations to individual job responsibilities to office culture. So, what is it like to leave a large, established company and move to a small but quickly growing one?

Quote 2 Cast 2017 Curtain Call

What an amazing couple of days – watching customers, prospects, educators, analysts, partners, and colleagues interact with one another with meaningful conversations about life, career, projects, family, and passion.