How to Integrate CLM & Salesforce CPQ

As a business grows, the sales contract process becomes increasingly complex, especially in a business-to-business (B2B) selling situation. Selling to business customers typically involves longer sales cycles, more scrutiny of deals, complex product and service offerings, and higher customer expectations.

Connected Ecosystems - Partnering for Better Client Outcomes

Join Forrester Chief Analyst Lily Varon as she leads a dynamic panel of key Quote to Cash powerhouses – Salesforce, DocuSign, Xactly, and Strategists from ATG Cognizant – to learn how the connected partner ecosystem is redefining outcome intervals and realization of business case.

Accelerating the Future of Work & Education

2020 Accelerated everyone’s vision of how we work, where we work, and how we educate our current and future workforce. Join leaders from Cognizant, Salesforce, and the University of Montana to learn how fortune 200 companies and a flagship university are responding and adapting to accelerate into the future.

Outcomes vs. Outputs - Looking Out & Looking In

Now more than ever before, we’re seeing an acceleration of change across virtually all industries and dimensions. In this hosted keynote, ATG leaders will share their point of view on what these changes mean for the state of Quote to Cash technology and ultimately how the industry must be fit to adapt to whatever is next.

Accelerating Outcomes for Quote to Cash Transformations

Join ATG and Salesforce in a conversation with business leaders from Valpak and S&P Global. Learn about each company’s journey to transform the way they engage with customers and manage their revenue. Each business leader is at a different stage in their Quote to Cash transformation so we will hear their unique perspectives and discuss tips and tricks for transformation success.

How Salesforce Maximizes Revenue Potential

CitNOW has a highly skilled in-house development team but needed critical advice when moving from their own bespoke solutions within Salesforce. This project required an expert SI to partner with and ATG stepped up to the plate to provide expertise and guidance up and through go-live.

SPM in Uncertain Times

Sellers know it is informal communication that can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. When forced to remove traditional in-person meetings within the sales process, how can sellers create and maintain meaningful customer relationships naturally fostered by these in-person interactions?

SPM in Uncertain Times

It’s no secret that 2020 has been one heck of a curveball. What started as raging bush fires in Australia has turned into a year of pandemic, freak storms, killer bees, and a general sense of uncertainty. It is this uncertainty that has hit the sales sector the hardest.

Virtual Networking

Let’s be honest for a second – in-person networking can be overwhelming. You get nervous. The conversation can be awkward. It can be difficult to appropriately and professionally interrupt a group that’s mid-conversation.

The Quote to Cash Tour

Now, generally you hear a lot about Quote to Cash with big service-provider, business-to-business companies in negotiated-selling environments. But let’s break the concept down to the lowest common denominator – McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s.