SPM in Uncertain Times

Sellers know it is informal communication that can be the difference between winning or losing a deal. When forced to remove traditional in-person meetings within the sales process, how can sellers create and maintain meaningful customer relationships naturally fostered by these in-person interactions?

SPM in Uncertain Times

It’s no secret that 2020 has been one heck of a curveball. What started as raging bush fires in Australia has turned into a year of pandemic, freak storms, killer bees, and a general sense of uncertainty. It is this uncertainty that has hit the sales sector the hardest.

Virtual Networking

Let’s be honest for a second – in-person networking can be overwhelming. You get nervous. The conversation can be awkward. It can be difficult to appropriately and professionally interrupt a group that’s mid-conversation.

The Quote to Cash Tour

Now, generally you hear a lot about Quote to Cash with big service-provider, business-to-business companies in negotiated-selling environments. But let’s break the concept down to the lowest common denominator – McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s.

The Call of the Wild – ATG Employees Who Came Home to Montana

Call of the Wild

The size of a company can have an impact on almost every aspect of its work environment, from daily operations to individual job responsibilities to office culture. So, what is it like to leave a large, established company and move to a small but quickly growing one?

Implementing Cloud-Based Quote to Cash in Large Enterprises

Large companies in many industries have implemented or are considering the implementation of cloud-based solutions for their back-office. The driver to change may be a compelling event, such as the end of life of existing back-office applications.

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

Will technology help streamline more inefficiencies in the recruitment process? Absolutely. But will it ever replace the human factor? Likely not.