10 Reasons to Dash to Quote 2 Cast

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10 Reasons to Make a Last-Minute Dash to Quote 2 Cast

Jay Allen
MAY 24, 2019
Jay Allen
Quote 2 Cast
JUL 21, 2018

ATG’s Quote 2 Cast Summit begins in Missoula on August 1st, and we know there are still a few folks on the fence wondering whether they should attend. There are a handful of seats left ahead of next week’s registration deadline, so we thought we might try to sway you with a some hard-to-resist reasons you need to be here in Big Sky Country.


C’mon… it’s summer in Montana. The temperature is 82°, the humidity is 25%, and the air is clean and calm. We are surrounded by mountains and open space, at the confluence of three rivers, in the friendliest town this side of Hooterville. Why would you hesitate?


Missoula is Dogtown, USA, with one dog for every two residents. Big deal, you say? It sure is – every summit attendee gets shipped a free litter of puppies after the conference.


Montana is moose country.



Professional Reinvigoration Day. What other conference allows you a day to enjoy some summertime outdoor bliss in as serene a location as western Montana? Fly fishing on blue-ribbon rivers, zip-lining and mountain biking down ski slopes, or just chilling on a deck surrounded by open space knocking back some authentic BBQ and local award-winning beer. Ahhhh. Feel that stress just melt away....


Kids eat free every Wednesday night at Golden Corral! (We don’t have a Golden Corral in Missoula, but we couldn’t pass up the lucrative product placement money.)


Peter Coffee and Dan Dal Degan will provide the conference keynotes. Enough said.


This actually happened in Missoula a few years back.


Attendees from 4 continents, 9 countries, and 61 states will be attending.


August is All-You-Can-Eat-Mayonnaise Month in the Missoula ATG offices.


You were just going to stay home and do laundry anyway.


Jay Allen is ATG's Director of Marketing and the only living recipient of the Quote 2 Cast Summit Lifetime Achievement Award - an honor that, while coveted, has no actual cash value.



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