A Contingent Workforce Solution – Quality Assurance


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Industry: Online Marketing
Services: Web Content Management

Headquarters: Waltham, MA
Website: constantcontact.com


  • A subsidiary company of Constant Contact desired a new recurring billing system that improved revenue recognition processes and enabled a more robust product offering.
  • The project required a team of manual testers to verify that on-going development efforts offered viable solutions to technology problems and that the desired billing system met the needs specified by the business.


  • Managed Services: ATG leveraged a team of five Quality Assurance Analysts to evaluate code enhancements and system functionality over a period of five months.
  • Managed Services: The QA team documented test results, outstanding bugs, and possible solutions for the client.
  • Managed Services: QA Analysts preformed comprehensive testing on three systems to ensure that data populated correctly across all systems.
  • Managed Services: The team adopted the roles of an end user, a customer service representative, and a client-based billing administrator to ensure that systems presented accurate information relevant to each group.


  • QA analysts completed 24 regression testing runs over a seven-month period. Each test run required team to conduct 410 test cases.
  • QA Analysts identified over 500 bugs requiring resolution prior to project go-live date.

"ATG quickly deployed their Managed Services QA team to ensure project quality, using tools, methodology, and knowledgeable resources all of whom demonstrated unprecedented drive and agility."

Michele Tivnan
Senior Director, Enterprise Applications
Constant Contact