A Letter to Our Clients, Partners, Employees & Communities


A Letter to Our Customers, Partners, Employees & Communities

We are reaching out to you to share some information regarding our response to the COVID-19 virus. We share both our customers’ and associates’ concerns about the current situation and the risk it may have on our businesses and families, as well as any impacts to our collective team’s ability to deliver on critical projects that are underway.

We are fortunate that running projects remotely, with limited client on-site time, and consultants working from home are part of our standard delivery model, and has been for more than 10 years. Our talented team of consultants have mastered the ability to stuff a towel under their office door to silence SpongeBob, keeping toddlers from wandering into the background of a video conference, and (usually) keeping the dog from barking on a conference call. As self-quarantine and shelter in residence increases, we will all need to exhibit additional patience and grace. Even with our experience working remotely, we have still determined we should take some additional steps to ensure the continued success of projects, with a focus on safety, collaboration, and community thoughtfulness.

  1. We are doing everything in our power to ensure our employees and their families are safe. We have eliminated business travel and instituted a 'Work From Home' posture for at least the next several weeks. We have highly efficient communication channels and policies to optimize our productivity during this time.
  2. We are instituting additional proactive project reporting and oversight. It is inevitable that project resources – either on ATG or client teams – will be impacted by typical (PTO, flu, etc.) and atypical (school closure, daycare closure) challenges. Our Project Managers are evaluating delivery capacity on all of our ongoing projects, and we are responding in a number of ways to ensure productivity is optimized. Our consistent use of our Atlas Delivery Framework ensures an agile capability to identify projects or resources at risk and introduce new resources into projects quickly and effectively.
  3. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the communities we live and work in, can endure the challenges forthcoming. Most importantly, we each need to maintain social distancing to minimize the expansion of the virus. Additionally, ATG is taking every opportunity that we can to help our neighbors and our local businesses that are most impacted by this health and economic crisis.

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to discuss in more detail, we welcome that opportunity. Your Project Manager will continue to be your primary point of contact, but feel free to reach out directly to ATG leadership, listed below:

ATG Cognizant/Code Zero Leadership

  • CEO: Michael Walsh | Michael.Walsh@atginfo.com
  • COO: Chris Herbig | Chris.Herbig@atginfo.com
  • SVP of Delivery: Ted Brookbank | Ted.Brookbank@atginfo.com
  • SVP of Advisory & Transformation: Steve Raye | Steve.Raye@atginfo.com
  • SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development/Alliances: Tom Stergios | Tom.Stergios@atginfo.com
  • SVP of Operations and Human Resources: Michael Eagan | Michael.Eagan@atginfo.com
  • Code Zero Managing Partner: Gene Nix | Gene.Nix@codezeroconsulting.com
  • Code Zero Managing Partner: Criss Vanderburg | Criss.Vanderburg@codezeroconsulting.com

Thank you, and please be safe.