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Most of us have been in professional situations where getting ahead meant you had to step on others on your way up. Competitive back-biting, in a sense.

At ATG Cognizant, we've created a team approach that encourages each of us to always 'reach down' and pull others up. In other words, we empower our people to empower others. This empowerment creates a sense of ownership in our company, our projects, and our communities that is a hallmark of ATG and is readily apparent to our partners and clients.

ATG Cognizant's team of professionals merge consulting expertise with dynamic, innovative solutions – staying abreast of industry trends, pushing process and technology boundaries, and cross-training to expand abilities. This leading-edge mentality attracts and requires a higher level of talent. Our customers expect our professionals to own what we do and that requires people who like to drive.

Spring 2020

Covid, Careers
& the Future of Work

The future of how we work is changing. In what ways are you adjusting and are you ready for the change?

ATG Cognizant is exploring and offering resources to help you re-think what careers in technology are becoming. We will be sharing tips and trade secrets to help you address skill gaps and meet the realities and requirements of the post Covid-19 economy.

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"The people and culture behind this company are amazing and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve always loved a challenge while also feeling valued for your hard work. At ATG, you get all of that."

VP of Alliances & IP
ATG since Jan. 2016

Why ATG Cognizant?

Competitive salary and benefits packages
Career in fast-growing technology sector
Flexible scheduling available*
Opportunity to travel in US & elsewhere
Volunteering & philanthropy encouraged
Continuous learning and training across all domains
Diversity & inclusion affinity groups
Bring your dog to work!*
Fully-stocked kitchens with snacks and beverages
Team activities outside of work available
And more!
* Not available in all office locations.
Spotlight on Diversity

Diversity Drives Innovation

At ATG, we recognize the need for diversity and believe it needs to be defined at the individual level. When we look at people as individuals and not groups, we see that we are shaped by our experiences and those experiences make each of us unique.

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Where do you fit?

I have experience in software implementation and/or enterprise transformation.

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I have graduated, or will soon, from a college or university and am looking to begin my career at a great company.

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I am currently attending college and am hoping to be considered for a summer internship.

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I have no relevant experience or education in a technology field, but would like to be considered for your Aim Higher 12-week paid training program.

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The Human Factor

Recruiters have a specialized skill set with certain networks and resources that make finding, vetting, and placing talent a much more agile and efficient process (I can thank Adam Smith's Wealth of Nation for that explanation). We recruiters are experts within facilitation. If you think about any position, whether it’s a Business Analyst or Project Manager, they are all expected to specialize in their job to succeed. This creates efficiencies.


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Spotlight on ATG Core Values:

People First

We invest in, and nurture, long-term relationships with our clients and associates. We encourage diversity and respect the individual.
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