ATG Internship Program

Real Experience

Our internship will provide you with real world consulting experience in an unparalleled setting. We give our interns real client work where they will be making a difference in a Quote-to-Cash project. We also provide projects that are integral to the operations of ATG.

Career Opportunities

Our internship rivals those of large consulting firms. ATG has big company opportunities with an entrepreneurial feel. Employees are motivated and always encouraged to challenge the way things are done. More questions? See our FAQ section below!

ATG Culture

Our motto has always been to put people first. As an intern, you will become part of the ATG family. Our interns are given every opportunity that our employees are: rec league sports, after hours club, unlimited Red Bull, and valuable consulting experience.

ATG Internships by the Numbers

Internship to Employment

88%Between 2013 and 2017, ATG had 17 interns in the Missoula, MT office. 15 of those interns were offered positions at the end of their internships.

Offer Acceptance Rate

93%Out of the 15 interns in the Missoula office who were offered positions, 14 accepted their offers.

What Our Past Interns are Saying

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Tips for Your First Week as an Intern

Going into your first internship, or even your first day of work in a professional environment, can be quite stressful at times. We have created a few tips for interns to follow on their first few days of their internship to make sure they are on the right path to having a successful and fun time at ATG.

  • Do some research beforehand

    It’s always important to know who you will be working for and what they do.

  • Be on time and well-dressed

    First impressions are very important in the professional business world. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your position and always arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule.

  • Ask lots of questions

    There is no such thing as a dumb question. We realize you are here to learn and you should take every advantage to do so. Please ask questions and clarify any confusion you may have.

  • Take notes

    Be organized and take notes in meetings. This will ensure you are being engaged and is a great way to determine which topics are unclear for you.

  • Keep a positive attitude

    The first day of any internship comes with nerves, surprises and maybe some dull tasks. However, it’s important to stay positive and enthusiastic, no matter what you’re doing. Stay focused, have a great attitude, and do great work.

  • Check-in / Follow-up

    One of the most important things you can do on a week to week basis during your internship is follow up with your peers and mentors about the work you have been doing. This is a great way to get positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.

Frequently Asked Questions

ATG helps to enable companies who want to use cloud technologies to automate their Quote to Cash process by helping them understand what software fits their needs, implementing that software, and sometimes managing that software for them after it is implemented. Quote to Cash (Q2C) is everything that a customer sees/does from the time that they are interested in a business’ product until the time they have the product and have paid for it. It also includes all the business’s software and data that is working in the background to help move the customer smoothly from one end of the process to the other.

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