Ed Harrold MBA, BScEE

Director – Architecture & Engineering

“I have been blessed to be part of many organizational transformations, and the best part is how, after many months and in several cases years later, the org and its employees are successful and thriving. How awesome to hear from people how much they love their work ‘post transformation’ and to know that I was part of that.”Ed Harrold


Ed’s career encompasses high-tech IT and software engineering within the context of business and engineering (Ed has university degrees in both business and engineering MBA/BScEE), with a strong foundation from his background in electrical and mechanical engineering. Awards/Kudos include Honeywell Engineer of the Year and recognition from Siemens Energy and Automation and Square-D Company for improving B2B & B2C with cutting edge solutions. Ed’s uncompromising leadership, experience, and capabilities are manifest with internal and external customers by a long list of successful projects.

Specialties include the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ with Salesforce CRM/CPQ, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CPQ, Mulesoft ESB and Oracle EBS Integration, Salesforce Billing, and related Quote to Cash and Lead to Cash products. Ed also has strong crypto + credential management skills including patented technology for mobile and cloud. Skills include RSA PKCS, PBKDF2, AES, C#, Objective-C, Python, Java, Big Machines BML, Salesforce Apex, and integration and system architecture capabilities include RESTful and Sync/Async services. Ed is a recognized leader/manager and proven software engineer embracing a balance of discipline and agility with a focus on IT governance.

Some interesting background on Ed; today he is not only recognized for his many skills, but more importantly to him, he is a dedicated family man with a large family. From a career standpoint, it all began with his work in National Defense starting as a teenager. He is a past member of the US Army, then several years in the Intelligence community, and the Space and Aviation sector. Ed earned the National Defense Medal and badges for weapons expertise, and he always had a passion for martial arts from a very young age through Judo, Shaolin-Kung Fu and, eventually, Keichu-Do training with some of his kids under the famous Soke’ Marx.

Ed’s work has brought him side-by-side with some of the most brilliant and renowned folks in the world on projects like Space Shuttle, Space Station, and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems, and even early M109 and HEMTT (the so-called Death Star land navigator) where he experienced firing a 155mm Howitzer. Interestingly, several projects resulted in technologies used by the famous General Norman Schwarzkopf and are the basis for systems in use today.

Career Highlights

  • Architected, designed, and lead implementation of a “Software Enterprise Orchestration Layer” for a $1B+ international organization – a Mulesoft-based Enterprise Service Bus with all internal and external facing APIs and related governance
  • Designed and implemented Oracle CPQ supporting hundreds of thousands of products, thousands of users, and integration with several systems including Oracle EBS and Informatica
  • Implemented key customizations including Apex development for Salesforce CPQ to support multi-year deals and variable year uplifts as well as quoting and contracting specializations to support GSA best practices
  • Managed teams and provided Enterprise Architecture guidance including Apex development for several large Salesforce CPQ projects
  • Performed technology and capabilities assessment and subsequently supported DevOps improvements, and developed several software products for a large IT/Network equipment manufacturer
  • Provided Enterprise Architecture, and subsequent design and implementation consultation for Salesforce CPQ and Billing automation on several projects

Why ATG?

My interest was piqued after being introduced to the idea of enterprise Quote-to-Cash while meeting with a couple of folks in Denver. I found myself keeping an eye on ATG and noticed they were ‘thought leaders’ with some amazing logos in their portfolio, and it seemed like a perfect fit for my business and engineering background. I’m absolutely thrilled about where ATG is heading and to be part of the ATG Family!”