Karen Hebeler

Senior Consultant

“Support. This is one word that I would use to describe the work that I do. I’m passionate about supporting clients and internal development teams through my project management experience so that IT solutions can be brought to market.”Karen Hebeler


Prior to coming to ATG in August 2017, Karen had 31 years of experience at CBIS / Convergys / Netcracker in providing billing solutions for Wireless Telecommunications and Satellite companies. During those years, Karen had many different responsibilities including Developer, Business Analyst, Team Leader, Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager.

She provided Professional Services and Managed Services support to many Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies including Ameritech, Verizon, Cantel, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, C Spire and ViaSat. Karen developed expertise in the area of Usage Processing at the start of her career but then built on that knowledge to also gain experience in many areas of what we know now as the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™, including Billing, Invoicing, and Payment Processing, just to name a few.

From requirements gathering to development, testing, and implementation, Karen has a proven track record of organizing global teams to provide Professional Services to the customers that she has supported so that new products and offerings could be brought to market.

Karen was also able to manage Professional Services projects that spanned multiple product offerings including Rating and Billing Manager, Active Mediation, Collections, Activation Manager and Inventory Manager. The teams of people that Karen managed were located across the US, the UK, India, and Thailand, and Karen showed the ability to organize all of these teams to be able to provide quality software product solutions for multiple customers at the same time. Karen also has experience in project managing global teams that provided Managed Services to these Wireless Telecommunications and Satellite companies. These included both Hosted and Remote Managed Services agreements.

Additionally, Karen has worked with many teams both internally and externally. Her responsibilities have included working with Accounting for budgets, Legal for Statements of Work, and Product Managers for business solutions. Karen brings a lot of different business experience to the table with her history of being able to work with multiple different teams across multiple different companies to bring quality solutions to the customers that she has supported.

Career Highlights

  • Representative to the Logical Architecture Group in defining requirements for Local Number Portability impacts to the billing system
  • Technical Team Lead for the integration between two billing systems for the introduction of Wireless Data Rating
  • Performed the following tasks for outbound conversion of accounts from one billing system to another: Extract Design, Customer Data Mapping, Conversion Development, and Reference Data Mapping
  • Karen has a passion for mentoring and has provided technical and business experience mentoring support to many young professionals over her career
  • Karen’s first assignment within ATG was a Program Management position for a Salesforce CPQ and Communities implementation along with supporting the Integration and Data Migration teams


“Be the leader that everyone wants to rally around. Lead by example and share your knowledge. Your successes are also your team’s successes. Be part of the team because without the team’s respect and trust, you can’t be their leader.”