Diversity & Inclusion

ATG is made up of many diverse individuals with varying backgrounds, races, life circumstances, and much more. Each individual brings a unique perspective to the work we do at ATG and they are the reason we are so successful. Below you can find the stories of a few of the amazing individuals that make up ATG.

Amita's Story

Amita Greer

“I’m a first-generation immigrant with a background in sociology and women’s studies. I worked in business, then obtained my MBA and eventually attended Montana Code School. I felt like ATG was the perfect fit for me because they recognize the importance of diverse backgrounds. You don’t need a bachelor’s in computer science in order to be successful here. ATG values smart, hardworking individuals that are a good culture fit and equips them with the skills and information needed to be successful in the technology industry.”

Berkley's Story

Berkley Svingen

“Having a liberal arts degree, I bring a component of humanities to everything we do in Sales Operations. My background has trained me to look into the margins and identify varying human experience. This drives innovation around tool and process development because it allows me to represent perspectives that might not otherwise be considered or captured.”

atgSHE (Successful, Happy, Equal) is an affinity group for people interested in making ATG a great place for women to work. atgSHE was created to help identify, retain, and develop talent for advancement within ATG and as a resource for women looking to grow their technology careers through networking and mentorship.


Bridget's Story

Amita Greer

“I’m very proud of my theatre background – theatre is about finding who you are through a diverse set of stories and digging into the emotional depth required to empathize with others. This emotional capacity makes me an excellent Project Manager because I can empathize and support my project team while simultaneously working through difficult problems with a client.

My experience in theatre production also applies to project work. Systems have to work cohesively for one main goal – Production. When I applied and started, I was insecure about my lack of technical experience, but by taking a chance in my career, working hard, feeling empowered by my background and being elevated by the Power of Teams at ATG, I am successful.”

Ja'Ton's Story

Berkley Svingen

“My time in sports heavily influenced who I am as an individual and left me well prepared for ATG’s collaborative culture, which operates much like a team. When working as an SA on projects, I rely on both the soft and analytical skills that I developed as an athlete. The Power of Teams at ATG has catalyzed my career growth and expertise because I have a community, a team, that I can tap into for mentorship at any moment. This allows me to confidently execute and deliver for our clients.”

Diversity Drives Innovation

Gracie's Story

Amita Greer

“Prior to joining ATG, I received my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and worked in the manufacturing industry overseeing business operations, strategy, and product manufacturing. After that position, I changed gears and moved to Rwanda to work for a nonprofit in managing a team in the research and development of new product offerings. The two positions were different experiences, cultures, environments, and stressors. My education and previous roles accelerated my problem-solving and interpersonal skills, which I now use at ATG as both a Senior Consultant and the SpringCM Practice Lead.”

Joie's Story

Berkley Svingen

“My experiences are varied, from my schooling, previous jobs, and my own personal identities. I incorporate those experiences into my work and interactions here at ATG. My background allows me to be hyper aware and sensitive to people’s feelings, whether that be with my fellow coworkers or clients. I am always up to respectfully educate others about diversity and inclusion and to have a voice for marginalized communities.”

Keely's Story

Amita Greer

“As a working mother, I love being a strong female role model for my two young daughters. I strive to be successful at both parenting and project management. In moments of indecision, I think of my two sweet little girls and tell myself ‘be the woman you want them to be,’ which to me means showing kindness, compassion, strength, and determination. These are also the traits I seek to exhibit when working with clients.”

Laura's Story

Berkley Svingen

“The experiences I’ve had in different industries and positions help me see multiple viewpoints and better relate to people. When I can demonstrate a shared experience with a client or teammate, they know we have some common ground. It’s all about building strong relationships. That’s what really matters.”

Inclusion Drives Innovation

John's Story

Amita Greer

“ATG has many people with career journeys that are or are on track to be, as diverse as mine. Thirty-five years into my career, I’ve had eight employers, started five lifestyle businesses of my own, and been a member of consulting organizations ranging from a six-person boutique (all remote) to a 3,500 employee, publicly traded firm.

Now I’m part of what was a 250-person organization that is now 285,000 people. Whether it’s as an entrepreneur, a contractor or an employee, it’s important to me that people know how they are helping to build their business, believe they own a part of that business’ success, and gain peace of mind from the control they have to earn that next paycheck. That’s why I’m so passionate about the entrepreneurial opportunities here at ATG and my current role in developing Advisory and Transformation services.”

Toni's Story

Berkley Svingen

“When I first began my college education at the University of Montana my focus was pre-med with the hopes of becoming a pediatrician. After a short time, I realized I was better suited for an alternative path after feeling conflicted with the responsibility that comes with caring for a child’s life. With this realization, I shifted my focus toward Management Information Systems and Cyber Security. While going to school, I worked full-time as a bartender, server and manager. At times both the workload of being a full-time student and full-time employee was burdensome. However, it gave me a sense of eagerness and drive that has followed me to ATG, where I started off as an intern and am now a Consultant. I take pride in maintaining the same positive attitude and strong work ethic across all of my projects.”