Andrea Bowman

Practice Lead, Salesforce Commerce
   Missoula, MT
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My passion for B2B Commerce stems from the additional creativity needed to support the UI/UX design requirements that aren’t typically found in other Salesforce solutions like CPQ & Billing. We work closely with our clients to ensure we are designing an end-user experience that has their desired look and feel. The client's reaction when they see their ideas come to life is extremely rewarding.”

- Andrea Bowman


Andrea is the B2B Commerce Practice Lead at ATG Cognizant. Andrea started her career with ATG Cognizant as a member of the inaugural Aim Higher training program, after graduating with Business Management and Marketing degrees from the University of Montana.

Upon completion of AIM Higher, Andrea continued her education on the Salesforce platform and spends the majority of her time consulting as a Software Engineer. Additionally, Andrea has also worked as an Implementation Consultant, Business Analyst, and Solution Architect on multiple B2B Commerce implementations.

In addition to her role for ATG Cognizant, Andrea works to create reusable solutions and trainings to scale up the ATG Cognizant Commerce practice. Her passion lies in helping other resources develop their skills and designing successful client solutions.

Career Highlights

  • 7x Salesforce Certified
  • Designed and implemented ATG Cognizant's first B2B Commerce on Lightning project
  • Led B2B Commerce on Lightning training for Aim Higher Cohorts
  • Led B2B Commerce on Visualforce (CloudCraze) training for Aim Higher cohorts
  • Salesforce B2B Commerce evangelist


“ATG Cognizant gave me the opportunity to completely change the course of my career. I never expected to be working in tech, let alone as a software engineer, but I was drawn to how challenging and creative it was. There was a steep learning curve, but I have received support every step of the way. That's the great thing about working at ATG - the success of our projects stems from our power of teams. I am constantly collaborating with and learning from other ATG resources.”

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