Derek Magnusen

VP, ICON & Solution Architecture
  Missoula, MT
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In any business, success or failure is tightly connected to the quality of people you have running your organization. Everything I do comes back to people, and this perspective is widely shared at ATG. We care first and foremost about our people and we empower them to care about the people we work with. We care deeply about the success of each our customers and take pride in the lasting relationships we foster with our clients and partners.”

- Derek Magnusen


Derek has spent the last nearly 10 years leading effective teams across various industries and has brought his leadership abilities to ATG as a Team Lead, Practice Lead, Director, Executive Director, and now VP. In the Quote to Cash space, Derek has individually contributed to implementations across four different cloud solutions in both technical and leadership roles. A talented project manager, Derek excels in enterprise transformations.

As ATG’s Practice Lead for goTransverse, Derek manages the overall delivery of all goTransverse projects. Along with partner relationship responsibilities, Derek leads this team to create tools, templates, accelerators, and training that accompany ATG’s Atlas Framework™. He has led a grassroots effort to develop goTransverse trained resources at ATG and has quickly enabled this team to successfully implement goTransverse's TRACT™ solution.

Derek is also a Team Lead for a large team of consultants and continues to contribute to the scalability of ATG by supporting and mentoring his team. From career development to technical and soft skills training, Derek approaches leadership in an all-encompassing way and, as a result, has helped build a team of highly effective consultants.

Career Highlights

  • Experience in Gotransverse Billing, Aria Billing, Salesforce Quote to Cash, and has earned the Salesforce App Builder Certification
  • Led several enterprise billing transformations to successful completion as a project manager across various cloud solutions
  • Led several CPQ implementations to successful completion as a project manager
  • Supports a team of highly effective consultants located across the country
  • Formerly Practice Lead for ATG’s Gotransverse billing practice

Why ATG?

“ATG’s focus on their people and customers was a natural draw for me. It’s a place I can be myself and bring my passions to work every day. Our work is challenging, but it has enhanced my abilities much further than I could have hoped for."

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