Jim Buller

Vice-President, Delivery
  Phone: (513) 975-3200
  Cincinnati, OH
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My role is to understand my client’s business and IT needs, and create solutions to solve those needs. We work collaboratively with their team to deliver results, while building long-lasting partnerships based on trust. When CIOs are confronted with a challenge, we want them to say, ‘Call Jim, he can help us solve our issue.’

- Jim Buller


Jim is the Vice President of Delivery managing complex projects, delivery teams, and account relationships with ATG’s key clients. Jim brings over 25 years of experience in this area, spending 20+ years at Convergys, a leading provider of software and solutions for communications providers. and 6+ years as a thought leader and executive consultant for ATG.

In his roles, Jim has worked with service providers in all communications verticals utilizing a variety of delivery models to meet the provider’s needs. Jim has also managed partner and delivery relationships with several industry-leading cloud billing providers. Jim is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a business degree in Information Systems and Accounting. Jim is a sports enthusiast and enjoys coaching and watching his children’s sports activities. He is also involved in numerous fundraising activities in his community.

Career Highlights

  • Managed the implementation and hosting of the first true client/server billing system for a major new wireless provider
  • Managed the implementation of the same billing system for a major international wireless provider involving management of over 100 resources on–site in Paris for 2+ years
  • Performed an overall IT Assessment for major communications provider and managed multiple projects based upon the recommendations, some of which included:
    • Vendor selection and management of the implementation of a new billing system which covered 3 global regions
    • Creation of the vision and road map for CRM and Workflow systems
    • Design and development of an in-house usage mediation platform
  • Managed partner relationships with several industry-leading SaaS billing providers and 25+ implementations of the partner software solutions


“In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative that businesses operate more effectively. That effectiveness is often measured by innovation and speed to market combined with streamlined and automated processes that reduce ongoing operational costs. To accomplish this requires a clear strategic plan and continuous alignment between the product, operations, and IT organizations.

Additionally, a unique systems architecture and infrastructure strategy that takes advantage of the right combination of cloud and in-house computing to improve flexibility and decrease operational costs is imperative. Enterprises that can find the correct balance along with innovation and company alignment will thrive in the new economy.”

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