Keely Gaskill

Principal Consultant / PM
  Missoula, MT
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[Project management] can be intimidating to most and too stressful for many but let me tell you, those who get it right carry pride in their heart that can never be forgotten."

- Keely Gaskill


Keely has over 10 years of technical project management experience that spans the complete software lifecycle from design and creation to implementation and maintenance. At ATG, she is one of the most well-rounded project managers, thriving on complex, multi-facetted implementations of SaaS systems such as Salesforce CPQ, Billing, Conga, and Docusign. Keely is seen as a leader throughout the project management community.

Before taking on the Quote to Cash world, Keely was the Implementation Manager for a school bus routing and GPS software company. She managed a team of 10 project managers and two Data Analysts. She was also the GPS tracking software Subject Matter Expert and it was there that Keely really found her passion for customer-facing project management. The act of ensuring America’s youth had the opportunity to an education when many around the world are not so privileged was profoundly powerful. Keely also became a mother during this time period and connected with a parent’s need to keep their children safe as they sent them off to school. GPS tracking of both buses and students provided the extra level of security a parent needed to feel comfortable.

Keely received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wyoming in International Studies with a focus on Africa in the Middle East and French. She studied abroad in Senegal which is a Muslim, French-speaking county. This experience humbled Keely and changed her worldview. Upon returning home, Keely lived in Denver and helped relocate refugees through the African Cultural Center. Concurrently, she also worked in Accounts Payable for a national building supply company.

Finding Project Management for Keely was finding her passion. Who knew her list-keeping and money-hoarding in a fanny-pack as a child could translate to a career! It has been a journey to get to where Keely is now but she wouldn’t change any of it because it led her here… and here is pretty darn good.

Career Highlights

  • ATG President’s Club winner, 2019
  • ATG Project Management Community of Practice leader which supports the practice in continued education opportunities, best practices, and management expertise
  • Product Owner of FuseKit™ managing product scope, monthly deliverables, product communications, product demos, customer onboarding, and contract management.
  • Successfully implemented Salesforce CPQ and Billing systems more than 20 times; leading a $3.5 Million implementation with a team of 30+ resources
  • Selected to travel to France to establish an international GPS tracking software branch
  • Located a lost child through GPS software she implemented.


"The strategy involved in taking a group of people all with different experiences and varying skillsets, a specific sum of money, and a goal in mind then melding it together to achieve success is truly an art form. It can be intimidating to most and too stressful for many but let me tell you, those who get it right carry pride in their heart that can never be forgotten. Welcome to Project Management."

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