Sharmon Moss

Principal Consultant
  Seattle, WA
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Stakeholders are usually eager to talk about how the systems and processes will work when adding new customers. That’s great, but it’s not the whole picture. You also want to serve your existing customers, and sometimes customers leave. We’ll help you evaluate all the use cases that your business needs to support and prepare for your launch."

- Sharmon Moss


Sharmon brings a significant breadth and depth of experience and expertise across the monetization ecosystem. She’s been involved in the people, process and technology aspects of systems implementations, current-state assessments, vendor selection, custom software development and systems integration in various roles, both official and de-facto.

Her technology career began in the wireless industry, and has progressed through various service providers environments. Before the concept of Quote to Cash was commonly understood, Sharmon was implementing and integrating ordering, provisioning, and billing systems to make it happen. With ATG, Sharmon has broadened her experience in CPQ and CLM, and will now happily whiteboard the whole ecosystem for you if you ask.

Even when not on the road working with ATG’s clients, Sharmon enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people, and seeing new things. If there’s live music involved… even better.

Once the heiress to the toilet paper empire that bears her name, Sharmon walked away from the gilded life to help businesses manage their customers and revenue, and ATG is lucky to have her.

Career Highlights

  • Requirements, Design and Process definition to support transformation of a non-traditional service provider into the world of CPQ, CLM and Order Management

  • Launch of SFDC refresh which also added Lead Conversion and on-boarding processes

  • Transformation of processes and design of integration to support CPQ migration and CLM implementation.

  • Requirements, Design and Process refinement to support launch of CLM in conjunction with a global, organization-wide billing and CPQ migration

  • Launch of Integrated Ordering, Provisioning and Billing system for major cable provider’s Internet and Voice Services - on time, with no significant defects.

  • UK Launch of billing system for global service provider

  • Launch of first integrated inter-telco access ordering platform

  • Domestic billing conversions for wireless and Voice-over-Cable providers

Why ATG?

"I joined ATG to be in on the ground floor of an organization with trustworthy leadership that was focusing on the people, process and technology related to the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™. Having the opportunity to work with a combination industry veterans and bright, enthusiastic newcomers is an added bonus."

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