Stacy Maloney

VP, Organizational Change Management
   Missoula, MT
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Projects are meant to be temporary, but your success shouldn't be. That is why my passion is enabling leaders and teams to adopt and adapt to new ways of working. Too many companies focus on picking the “right” or “best” tool or process but struggle with the people side of change. In each interaction, I strive to lead with empathy and tell the story of the experiences of those navigating change through executive support, communication, learning, and adoption strategies to truly maximize the value."

- Stacy Maloney


As a visionary leader in Organizational Change Management (OCM), Stacy strives to enable executives to lead their teams through transformational change. Co-creating targeted OCM scalable strategies in partnership with clients to support unique business needs, she cultivates a collaborative growth mindset within these environments.

With core accountability in leading the ATG OCM practice, she develops her client partners’ change management competencies and accelerates synergistic gains from co-creating client-centered change strategies and execution plans. Her drive for usable solutions and simple design that brings clarity to complex problems has her laser-focused on anticipating obstacles, offering solutions, identifying resources, and influencing others to move toward a common vision or goal. She views her role and the role of the OCM team as accelerators to the adoption of new ways of working.

To navigate the complexity of this work, she draws on her diverse roles of advisor, coach, communicator, designer, facilitator, and process consultant. Her passion for creating an environment for change stems from her intense desire to bring empathy for those most impacted by changes, and create narratives that reflect how to bring about awareness and desire for change, followed by curated learning strategies to work in new ways.

Working with changing environments and emergent needs, she thrives on helping people identify and harness their strengths and seeks opportunities that are at times at odds with the status quo. In her current role as VP, Organizational Change Management, she draws on her experiences to help global teams mitigate business risks and individuals navigate through change during organizational transformations and technology implementations.

Stacy brings over 20 years of experience leading small business and corporate teams and driving business results, affording her opportunities to work with diverse populations from around the globe and learning within each interaction. In addition, she holds a BA in Communication Studies and Political Science from the University of Montana and an MBA from the University of Wyoming.

From 2014-2018, she served on the Board of Directors for the Girls on the Run of the Bay Area, a non-profit confidence-building running program for 3rd – 5th-grade girls. She enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, running, stand-up paddleboarding, and most things that land her in the mountains.

Career Highlights

  • Established and led the Center of Excellence for Change Management within the GapTech Product Management organization, an enterprise change practice that delivers global technology solutions for business.
  • Supported the CIO on the Old Navy spin-off project and created change management strategies and execution plans that encompassed the technical activities required to establish Old Navy as a separate company for 20 global functions and 60,000 employees.
  • Developed OCM courses for the University of Montana MBA program and corporate development partners to enable leaders to create OCM strategies for diverse programs, ranging from small non-profits to enterprise change initiatives.
  • Created OCM strategies and executed plans for Gap global teams and leaders during global re-organization designed to harness and maximize efficiencies and align work to new roles for teams relocating from Europe, Japan, and China to NY.


"For most of us, change is rarely easy, especially when it seems to be happening “to us” in the workplace. Research shows that well over half of all changes in the workplace fail and that employing effective and holistic Change Management strategies, along with effective execution of those strategies, improves project success rates by 5-6X. Driving change management strategies for global businesses and cultivating collaborative team dynamics, I have committed to fostering growth mindset environments. And ultimately, change."

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