Priya Marsonia

Vice President, Advisory & Transformation

“A team can create magic, if it can strike the exact balance between process and chaos; the kind of balance that ensures that innovation is not stifled while it establishes the operating rhythm it needs to be successful over time.”Priya Marsonia


Priya is an Advisory and Transformation executive at ATG. As a software engineer with 25 years of experience, she understands the implications of a transformation initiative at every level of an enterprise. Her background spans global companies in many industries. Her expertise includes: strategy and business case development; governance models, organizational design and change management; portfolio and P&L management; software product and IT systems design, build, and support; business operations readiness and management including cost reduction and margin recovery; vendor management; six sigma and value stream analysis; corporate risk management including export controls, HIPA, FCPA, SOX and security.

She has extensive experience in enterprise strategy and governance, portfolio and product management, account management, program management, mergers and acquisitions, and Quote to Cash program delivery.

Her primary focus at ATG is to work with clients embarking on a Quote to Cash transformation program for their enterprise.

Prior to joining ATG, Priya held Senior Director level positions with VeriSign and Nortel Networks.

Career Highlights

  • Conducted core strategic visioning and portfolio management exercises for 14 executive teams with $1B USD portfolios under management
  • Conducted more than 10 Quote to Cash Assessments for companies with classic product and XaaS offerings
  • Led the strategic vision and delivery of four Fortune 500 customers’ Quote to Cash transformational programs
  • Conducted Platform Consolidation, acquired product integration and business outcomes management programs at two major IAAS players
  • Managed billing and operational support system conversion programs for a telecommunications merger,  integrating a total of $16B of revenue and service delivery across properties. The programs had 300+ client and vendor resources. Synergy savings from the initiative had a significant bottom line impact for the client, and constituted a key part of the overall operational strategy for the newly merged companies
  • Accountable for portfolio management and product development and introduction process for a major network gear vendor


“Successful large software and IT program delivery requires a coherent team that can outperform obstacles and competitors. Building a coherent team depends on talented individuals working towards a commonly shared goal, with mutual trust and respect. To monitor progress towards a commonly shared goal, and to identify and remove roadblocks, some operational monitoring/metrics and efficiency are required. At the heart of successful software program management is an essential balance between two seemingly contradictory attitudes–an openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre or counter intuitive they may be, and rigorous operational analysis, to see if an idea is bringing the solution to life.”