Accelerated Vendor Selection

Technology decisions in the Quote to Cash space are some of the most important decisions that a CIO can make. Working with business stakeholders to select the right CRM, Quoting, or Billing system can be a company and career changing decision.

Get it right and your company will be on the path to agility in your revenue processes. Get it wrong and your organization will be fighting an uphill battle for years to come.

ATG can help.


Case Study: SPS Commerce Looks for Support

As a leader in enterprise retail cloud development, SPS Commerce was constantly faced with demands of keeping the business running while making key business decisions.


Our Approach

We provide a unique approach to the RFP process, empowering Service Providers with an open dialogue with vendors.

When purchasing a system in your Quote to Cash cycle, choosing the right vendor partner is mission critical; the lifeblood of your revenue process will run through that system. Implementing a system is important to manage your revenue. Implementing the right system is critical to maximize your revenue. With our Accelerated RFP Selection offering, you gain a client-advocate knowledgeable in vendors’ values and risks, expert in every stage of the Quote to Cash lifecycle.



ATG takes our commitment to our clients seriously. Our professional team will work with you and your company to develop the custom processes, software and integration that your company needs.