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The pace of evolution within the Quote to Cash (Q2C) solution ecosystem is staggering. Even within individual categories for specialized functions, the variety of options and implementation methods is dizzying. New start-ups appear and vanish and we are beginning to see significant consolidations among vendors. If you are looking for expert advice in the Quote to Cash ecosystem, ATG can help.

Do you need a partner who understands the Q2C market? We can provide high level feasibility analysis for any Q2C enterprise investment. We have extensive experience with the technology and trends that have driven Q2C systems for decades. Our valuable insight ensures you have the most timely, accurate, and thorough analysis possible to make the best decisions for your technology portfolio.

As a part of this industry for the past two decades, we have seen it all–from massive custom-built systems to commercial off the shelf solutions to elastic, multi-tenant implementations. We have worked with clients to create massively integrated suites from best of breed solutions, because our experts have the deep understanding needed to blend old with new. As more competitors in this space move to merge and consolidate, we help companies evaluate their options and understand not only where the ecosystem is today, but also understand the future needs of clients and markets.


Vendor Risk & the Ecosystem

In ATG’s area of focus – managing customers and revenue — many vendor segments have been a hotbed of new company start-up, failures, consolidations, and mergers.


Competitive Landscape

Our experts at ATG are a trusted resource for evaluating Q2C solutions. We have extensive knowledge of the systems available, the vendors providing them, and the trends driving Q2C innovation. Our experience working with a wide variety of clients, financial processes, and ever-changing technologies gives ATG a unique perspective to provide strategic advice on the feasibility of potential Q2C investments.

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We take our commitment to our clients very seriously. At ATG, our credo has always been Client Focused, Vendor Agnostic. We'll help you find the solution that's right for your business.

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