Agile Ceremonies Demystified – Part 4 of 4, The Sprint Review

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  • June 11, 2013

This brings us to the final ceremony in a typical sprint cycle, and the final article in this series. The last ceremony is the Sprint Review.

At the end of each sprint, a meeting called a review, or sometimes called a demo, is held. During this meeting the team shows what they accomplished during the sprint, typically by demoing new software features. Participants of the review are usually the Product Owner, the Scrum team, the Scrum Master, and possibly other managers, customers, and developers from other projects.

The actual sprint review is very informal – this is not a pretty power-point presentation. This is developers showing working software (and sometimes “mostly” working software, and that’s ok). For the Product Owner, it’s the chance to give some feedback – maybe they decide to adjust the font or move a button, or change the garish green background to something more pleasing.

The sprint review meeting should not become a distraction or significant detour for the team; rather, it should be a natural result of the sprint. The project is also assessed against the sprint goal determined during the Sprint Planning meeting. Ideally the team has completed each product backlog item brought into the sprint, but it is more important that they achieve the overall goal of the sprint. Each of these ceremonies is necessary for the success of a properly run Agile-Scrum project. Exactly how they are implemented will look different for each organization based on many factors.

Let Advanced Technology Group be part of your success in embracing the Agile-Scrum that is right for your company culture!


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