Are you ready for the Cloud? Or, perhaps more importantly, is the Cloud ready for you?

Thinking about moving a key part of your customer and revenue management application stack to the Cloud? There are some exciting cost-saving options out there! The explosion of onto the CRM/SFA scene over the past several years makes it clear that at least the front end of the customer lifecycle process is ready for the cloud.

The jury is still out in Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ), with several SaaS options available and currently being deployed in the Enterprise Service Provider space. Products like Big Machines and Apttus provide unique options for Service Provides to evaluate to support their quote, order, and contract needs.

Billing is even more cloudy – check that – foggy. The emergence of Cloud Billers has turned the typically stodgy billing industry into a bit of a wild wild west showdown. ATG is getting a lot of requests to help sort the wheat from the chaff in this rapidly evolving space. We are excited by some of the companies and products we see, but for our large service provider clients we don’t see a rapid move towards Cloud billing anytime soon.

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