Aria Implementation Consolidates Multiple Billing Platforms

case study

Aria Implementation Consolidates Multiple Billing Platforms


The Client is a leading Internet media company providing coverage and analysis of multiple vertical markets. 

Industry: Marketing
Services: Multi-Platform Media


  • Billing of customers was currently split across two systems, one home-built and another Great Plains
  • All sales handled through sales reps means selling to smaller advertising was not cost effective
  • Manual adjustments to customer accounts were common, leading to non-standard products being sold, or non-standard pricing being applied


  • Implementation Services: Ported entire product catalog from custom system into Aria, which is not the product catalog master
  • Implementation Services: Leveraged Aria Workflow to handle automated provisioning and deprovisioning of customer subscriptions
  • Implementation Services: Utilized ATG’s Data Loader to migrate over 2,000 existing customers into Aria
  • Implementation Services: Enabled credit card collection, refunds, and processing across credit cards, tokenized credit cards, and PayPal Express Checkout


  • Self-service web stores created for over 1,700 websites managed by the client
  • Increased scalability of the finance team by standardizing customer interactions and adjustments
  • Payment collection in the billing system allows for a decrease in the number of late payments from customers