ATG Advisory Provides Client Leadership with Salesforce Billing Assessment, Proof of Concept

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ATG Advisory Provides Salesforce Billing Assessment, Proof of Concept


The client provides products and services to law enforcement communities in the US and internationally.

Industry: Technology
Services: Law Enforcement Services & Products


  • The client engaged ATG to provide an assessment and feasibility analysis of Salesforce Billing. The objective of the initiative was to provide proof of concept for Salesforce Billing including related analysis required to enable the client to select a billing solution.
  • The client had a very complex Salesforce CPQ solution and integrations which made the assessment complex and required our assistance.
  • They needed a 3rd party capable of properly identifying product gaps including consideration for complex invoicing schedules, multi-currency, and global taxation and billing requirements


  • ATG utilized its deep Quote to Cash domain expertise and knowledge, as well as process and industry knowledge, to execute the assessment.
  • ATG leveraged its existing Salesforce Billing framework which has pre-defined detail of product functionality, known gaps and considerations detail, and decision-making inputs framework.
  • ATG used its proprietary Atlas® Framework to aid in analysis and documentation including the Salesforce Billing Assessment, Enterprise Monetization Flow, and Requirements Tracker.


  • The client was able to provide proper due diligence and realizable business case to leadership and key stakeholders to enable proper decision making and selection of the Billing solution.
  • They were able to mitigate risk and have a more in-depth and detailed project plan due to the output of the assessment and more robust understanding of key risks and complexities.
  • The client moved quickly into implementation mode and with continuity of resources and an accelerated design because of the requirements and design work completed during the assessment.