ATG Cares: 2018 Clark Fork River Cleanup

  • Rebecca Miller
  • ATG Cares
  • May 3, 2018

Missoula, Montana, home of ATG’s largest office, is a picturesque city located along the Clark Fork River and surrounded by sprawling mountains. Missoulians take pride in maintaining their beautiful city for citizens and visitors alike.

Ten ATGers joined with over 800 community members to collect garbage and recyclables during the Annual Clark Fork River Cleanup supported by the Clark Fork Coalition on Saturday, April 21.

The cleanup has taken place for the last 15 years. Four tons of trash is removed from 15 miles of river each year. Items removed vary from beer bottles, bike locks, plastics, shoes, tires, and anything else you can imagine (and don’t want to imagine).

The river is a focal point of the city and attracts thousands of people who use it for recreation including: fishing, floating, surfing, and our famous ATG Walk and Talks.

“With such a high volume of traffic, the river collects a fair amount of garbage. It’s important to not only take time to enjoy the river, but to take care of it so other people can enjoy it. And I’m happy that ATG took the time to help,” said ATG volunteer Kyle Cochrane.

“Getting to see a tangible impact gives you a sense of accomplishment and engagement. Seeing it really lets you know that you’re making the community a better place.”Kyle Cochrane

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Rebecca Miller is a marketing specialist in ATG’s Overland Park office. She joined ATG in 2018 and is a valued member of the Marketing team.