ATG Cares: Introducing atgSHE

Introducing atgSHE

Jay Allen
ATG News
DEC 19, 2017
Jay Allen
ATG News
DEC 19, 2017

A TG is passionate about finding and retaining top talent in the world of Quote to Cash and creating a supportive environment for all in the workplace. That’s why, in 2016, we created atgSHE – where SHE stands for Successful, Happy, and Equal.

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atgSHE was developed with a threefold mission:

To identify, develop, and retain talent for advancement within ATG
To be a resource for women looking to grow their technology careers through networking and mentorship
To host quarterly events addressing topics that are important to supporting the success of women in technology.

ATG hosts quarterly meetings in each of our major office locations where varying topics are discussed. In addition to quarterly meetings, atgSHE also participate in outside events that provide employees with addition insight and tools to succeed. Recently, a group of employees attended the TedEX Saint Louis Women Talk, bringing back tips and advice for ways employees of any gender can achieve a good work-life balance.

“ATG continues to find ways to improve itself – including from the perspectives of hiring and talent retention,” says Kym Corwin, Director of Solution Delivery at ATG. “atgSHE was created to ensure all felt welcomed and equal. This is especially important for women in a technological field.” In addition to discussion sessions, atgSHE also focuses on philanthropic and volunteer work. During the month of November, our team participated and completed a number of volunteer efforts.

  • Rose Brooks Center Volunteering - a group of atgSHE members visited Rose Brooks Center, a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City. They spent an afternoon assisting with maintenance work. The Rose Brooks Center greatly benefits from this kind of volunteer work so that funds can go to helping women, children, and pets affected by domestic violence.
  • Professional Women’s Clothing Drive - We are currently finalizing ATG’s first Professional Women’s Clothing Drive, with all clothing going to a local non-profit
  • Resume and Interview Workshop – coordinating a workshop for women to provide support and guidance with resumes and interviews.

As ATG continues to grow and expand, so does atgSHE. Currently, the program has over 60 participants across all location and continues to grow. ATG has begun planning for 2018 and excited to see the program grow, participate in new philanthropic efforts across the nation, and continues to create an opportunity for men and women alike to talk about the challenges faced by women in the workplace and come up with creative solutions.


Jay Allen is the Marketing Director at ATG and has been with the company since 2013. His role often takes him on the road to talk about ATG and the work they do. He recently surpassed 500,000 miles on his Greyhound Mileage Plus account and looks forward to visiting Mississippi one day.