ATG Cares: There Are Giants Among Us

ATG Cares There Are Giants Among Us

  • Jay Allen
  • ATG Cares
  • December 21, 2017

Jason Anderson is the sort of guy you either want to hug or punch in the throat the first time you meet him.

He smiles all the time. He walks around the office fist-bumping and high-fiving everyone. He doesn’t use periods when he talks. He has red hair.

Those are his punch-in-the-throat traits.

But Jason also has this one special trait. He cares. Not just “cares” like you or I care, but the passionate sort of caring you don’t see very often in people.

He seems unique in today’s world, but not so different than most of the folks here at ATG.

So why single Jason out? Well, he cares about a cause that’s very personal for me – prostate cancer awareness – and, every year since 2012, he’s rallied the troops at ATG and beyond to raise money during No-Shave November and, this year, Movember. Jason doesn’t just pass the hat around, however. He relentlessly organizes events and contests and educational opportunities. He emails and messages and talks and interrupts continuously from the end of October until, uh… well, all the time, really.

When he really needs to amp up the contributions, he trots me out to remind people how ugly cancer and my face really are.

This year, Jason took his fundraising acumen to superhero levels. Ginger Snapz and his sidekicks raised, through the magic of matching contributions, about $11,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Movember Foundation. That’s more than was raised during the previous five years combined.

Jason Anderson is like so many others here at ATG, just much, much shorter. He is zealous in his work, his causes, and his passions. And he is my hero.

Thank you, Jason and ATG, and happy holidays, all.

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Jay Allen is the Director of Marketing at ATG. He spends most of days traveling around the country by bus taking the Quote to Cash and ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ message to the masses. While on the road, his beloved dog Hercules handles the day-to-day marketing tasks.