ATG Enables Consolidated & Scalable CPQ Solution for Payment Processing Client

case study

ATG Enables Consolidated & Scalable CPQ Solution for Payment Processing Client


The client is a payment processing company & technology provider. The company's financial products include credit cards, ATM processing, merchant services, rewards and fraud prevention.

Industry: Financial Services
Services: Payment Processing


  • An acquisition was using a stand-alone Salesforce instance. That Salesforce instance where users were working with CPQ was tagged to be sunset and a new consolidated CPQ solution and environment needed to be implemented.
  • The client was in progress at the same time with a parallel project to build CPQ for their Acquiring platform and wanted expert support to make sure the acquisition's CPQ implementation and migration was done successfully in a consolidated environment.


  • Implemented Salesforce CPQ with Data Migration and Consolidation services
  • Built out Custom Detail Child Object to Manage Granular Card and Asset Data at scale. Due to the client's monetization model, a child object to the quote line-item object was needed to track card level data and asset data. A highly scalable and flexible architecture was developed which supports high data volumes and allows roll ups at the quote level for service pricing


  • ATG enabled the client to develop a world-class CPQ environment that met their unique monetization, pricing, and data volume requirements in a tailored and efficient user experience
  • As a result, the client was able to accelerate and simplify their sales process resulting in faster speed-to-close, an improved and more intuitive selling process, enablement of a consolidated selling environment, and increased revenue growth
  • Enhancement to customer and deal data visibility including approvals management, key revenue metrics and analytics, and Customer360