ATG Inks Lease for New Missoula Offices

  • Jay Allen
  • ATG News
  • May 2, 2018

Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is thrilled to announce Old Sawmill District (OSD) as the future home for their new Missoula campus. OSD will support ATG’s rapidly growing team of 130+ employees with a central location, great proximity to downtown, the river, trails, housing, and entertainment.

Initially, ATG will occupy the top two floors on the Cambium Place building shown at right but will look to build additional space in the area to accommodate further growth. ATG is anticipated to anchor an influx of technology companies to the area.

ATG will occupy the top two floors of the building in the foreground of the artist's rending above. It is anticipated that the transition to the new facility will take place in late 2018.

According to a well-placed source inside ATG, these were the top reasons the company chose Cambium Place and OSD:

  • Old Sawmill District is a historic site in the heart of Missoula, home to a working mill for nearly 100 years. In fact, the nearby Clark Fork River was long used to float logs to and from the site. Once firmly entrenched, ATG is considering resuming logging operations by harvesting nearby residential trees under cover of darkness and using the proceeds to corner the local pineapple market.
  • River access was also an important factor in ATG’s decision to relocate. A nearby boat ramp will allow the technology company to build and launch an inner tube armada that could float all the way to the Pacific to meet clients in the Seattle/Portland area.
  • Teeming with city parks, the area will allow ATG to build a fully self-sustainable ecosystem at OSD. Early plans are, according to our source, to repurpose the softball fields at McCormick Park so that ATG can raise their own livestock for both sustenance and companionship.
  • With the upgraded Milwaukee Trail traversing OSD, many ATGers are excited to visit Wisconsin and see where Laverne and Shirley was filmed.
  • It is believed that the proximity to Ogren Park, home of the Missoula Osprey baseball team, grants ATG the right to choose one of their employees to play right field for each home game.
  • Cambium Place also boasts a fitness center, paved roads, and many options for food and beverages. It’s likely that many of these establishments will become de facto conference rooms for ATG. Rumors that the fitness center will serve beer and hot dogs may be unfounded.
  • Despite being on the opposite side of the river from their current environs, OSD is still part of the Downtown Association and just a short walk to all the amenities ATG currently enjoys, including office favorites Lunch in the Park, Market on Front Street, Notorious P.I.G., Liquid Planet, and Red’s Bar.
Some ATG employees have already pitched tents in front of the new building in anticipation of the December transition.
  • OSD is also just a stone’s throw from Missoula’s venerable Hip Strip, home of many fine local businesses including several ATG’s favorites: Big Dipper Ice Cream, the Enlyten Lab Float Center, and, of course, the KettleHouse Brewery.
  • While ATG will certainly benefit from fiber optic internet, more parking options, and a contemporary office space, OSD is also home to a thriving squirrel population, many of which are not opposed to be dressed up as tiny humans.

For these reasons – and many others – ATG Missoula is excited to start the next stage of their evolution in their new home at Cambium Place in Old Sawmill District.

Perhaps Tom Stergios, founder of the Missoula office of ATG and SVP of Strategy and Corporate Business Development, summed up the general feeling around the office of the impending upgrade when he proffered up this summation, “Neat.”

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