Salesforce, GoTransverse Leveraged to Support Client Growth

case study

Salesforce, Gotransverse Leveraged to Support Client Growth


Client needed to replace legacy billing system to support future growth and expand product offerings.

Industry: Marketing
Services: Marketing Technology & Analytics Services


  • Home grown legacy billing System proved to be too inflexible to meet the dynamic sales strategies of client.
  • Technical debt of the legacy systems was becoming too much to handle and there was a strategy internally to be more cloud-oriented.
  • Month-end close processes were taking far too long and required development operations assistance.
  • Lack of integrations between solutions and the billing system created many manual processes across the various business units.
  • The rapid growth of the client and sheer transactional volume was a major concern in regards to the legacy system’s capabilities.


  • Implementation Services: ATG consultants leveraged our proprietary Atlas Implementation Methodology to enable the successful planning and execution of the implementation.
  • Implementation Services: A custom ERP connector was built to handle the needs of the new system.


  • ATG consultants were able to reduce the month-end close process by several days and eliminated the need for development operations.
  • Consultants integrated the Gotransverse platform with Salesforce to automate previously manual processes.
  • Leveraging Gotransverse's reporting capabilities, ATG was able to expand the financial/operational reporting capabilities of the client.
  • The newly configured system will allow for future monetization strategies and product offerings to be brought to market.
  • Overall, ATG was able to provide a scalable high-performance rating engine that can keep up with the client’s explosive growth.


"By leveraging ATG’s Atlas Framework and Gotransverse Toolkit, we were able to drastically simplify the client’s Quote to Cash processes and provide them the desired flexibility to adapt their monetization strategies to rapidly changing industry demands. The customer’s heavy involvement was most critical to the success of the project."

Derek Magnusen
Director of Delivery