ATG Leverages Multiple Platforms to Standardize Sales Process

case study

ATG Leverages Multiple Platforms to Standardize Sales Process


ATG leverages multiple platforms for movement into a standardized global product catalogue and sales process.

Industry: IT Data Center
Services: IT Production & Recovery Services


  • Sales and Billing were using unsupported applications and processes.
  • Acquisitions and core disparate and non-aligned technologies and processes were resulting in problematic audit and street reporting.
  • Client had limited technical flexibility to respond to market.
  • ATG aimed to transition Sales and Billing into scalable and supported tools.
  • ATG was also needed to transition processes into globally consistent actions based upon supported tools.


  • Advisory Services: Usage-based billing supported by Salesforce onboarding and products, Mulesoft, Openstack and Aria (ver6). Retention of Oracle financials and GetPaid collections.
  • Advisory Services: Enabled early adoption of Aria Crescendo (ver7) functionality.
  • Advisory Services: Incorporated up-sell of Amazon’s AWS product line using implementation of Salesforce Apttus contract and product catalog functionality.
  • Advisory Services: Incorporated sales and billing of global products with launch of the global sales regions.
  • Implementation Services: Implementation of solution components including Salesforce, Apttus, Aria, Oracle, integrated using Mulesoft and mySQL resulted in meeting targeted objectives for client.


  • ATG’s use of the Aria version enhancements plus incorporation of API functions developed by the client increased abilities in client middleware.
  • ATG provided high levels of manual integration to support system integration gaps within client to AWS provisioning, helping achieve a successful implementation for the client.
  • Movement into a standardized global product catalog plus sale process was launched into the first targeted sales jurisdiction leading to consistency, control and traceability bookings to billings.



"The client and ATG teams worked extremely well together over multiple years to simplify product catalog entries, integrate Quote to Cash processes, and improve billing capabilities. The rollout of the solution provided the business users the desired flexibility and time to meet the fast-paced industry changes related to cloud solutions."

Brian O'Conner
Executive Director