ATG Spotlight: Danny Poling

  • Rebecca Miller
  • ATG Spotlight
  • June 4, 2018

Danny Poling has a passion. A passion for billing.  

Danny fostered a love for billing while working at Dell and missed it when he moved out of the billing world. When introduced to ATG, Danny was thrilled.

“I couldn’t believe there was a company full of people that loved billing as much as I did. I couldn’t resist the offer and challenge.”

Danny works remotely from Norman, OK as a Senior Consultant and has been at ATG for one year.

“There are many reasons for staying with ATG, from the culture, the people, but ultimately I am doing something that I am truly passionate about and enjoy the challenges this world brings every day.”Danny Poling

Danny has some great advice for new hires.

“I have seen new hires get bogged down by trying to stick to the books and that can take away from the key reason ATG hired you …YOU.  Be yourself and use all the information and resources provided to improve your skill set and build your toolbelt.” 

Before starting his career, Danny served in the Army for 8 years as a Fire Direction Specialist for a Multiple Rocket Launch System. His unit was the first one to send digital communication from the battalion to platoon level.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys coaching his three children in their sports and cooking. If he won the lottery he would pay off his house, take his family to Italy, and save the rest for his children. His one splurge would be on a food truck. He would love to speak multiple languages fluently to make each travel experience even more special.

Danny is a huge baseball fan. If he could meet anyone dead or alive, he would meet former Boston Red Sox player, Ted Williams.

“I grew up hearing stories about how great of a baseball player he was and how he could count the seams of a baseball as a pitch was coming to him. I would love to hear all the great baseball and war stories.”

Danny is just as excited to be on the team as we are to have him.

“I am so excited to be part of the ATG family and work with people that share my same passion. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and help ATG continue with its global domination!”Danny Poling

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Rebecca Miller is a marketing specialist in ATG’s Overland Park office. She joined ATG in 2018 and is a valued member of the Marketing team.