Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the set of tools and techniques used in the transformation of raw data into meaningful and actionable information. Business Intelligence touches all areas of the Billing interactions diagram. When thinking of Business Intelligence one needs to think about source data, ETL, operational data store, data warehouse, and reporting.

Business Intelligence

Strong BI leverages various sources of record throughout the ecosystem in order to aggregate key information for various business purposes. Strong considerations must be made when the business requires certain BI data within an environment that leverages cloud providers for key business processes.

In some Monetization Ecosystems, it is crucial to build robust integrations with various applications, develop thorough ETL processes, and time the execution of data processing just right in order to gather the most efficient, accurate, and complete data.

Business Intelligence software can perform trend analysis on internal processes and identify the leading indicators for change within the business environment. For example, if the sales of a particular product are slipping, an actionable alert can be issued to the relevant product manager.

Business Intelligence is about enabling corporate decision makers to navigate the waters of today’s complex business environments. The right tools will eliminate wasteful practices before they become a force of habit that damages the company’s bottom line. Business Intelligence software can perform trend analysis in internal processes and identify leading indicators for changes in the business environment. For example, if the sales of a particular product are slipping, an actionable alert will be issued to the relevant product manager.

Business Intelligence Components

Business Intelligence Monetization Ecosystem domain

Extract | Transform | Load

ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load – is the set of process by which data is extracted from numerous databases, applications and systems, transformed as appropriate, and loaded into target systems like a data warehouse.

More than half of all development work for data warehousing projects is typically dedicated to the design and implementation of ETL processes. Poorly designed ETL processes are costly to maintain, change, and update, so it is critical to identify the right technology and tools that will be used for developing and maintaining the ETL processes up front.

BI UI Ad Hoc Reports

The User Interface of a Business Intelligence system must be accepted and utilized by the users for the BI system to add value to the organization. To increase user acceptance of the BI system it’s crucial to involve key stakeholders from all levels of the organization. Along with a strong user interface, the Business Intelligence system needs to have the ability to create ad hoc reports without having to involve a developer for a stakeholder to run the necessary reports.

Custom Reports

Custom Reporting is a critical part of a good business intelligence solution. While key performance metrics provide a good, high-level view of a company’s health, it’s the ability to dive deeper that identifies and solves issues. Custom reports that give analysts a layered look at the business – segmented and re-segmented – are how an organization’s people, processes, and technology are optimized.

The benefits of harvesting various iterations of a company’s data spans the enterprise – from marketing and sales to operations and finance. All require reporting capabilities that software manufacturers couldn’t possibly anticipate.

The best BI solutions offer an easy-to-use interface for creating, charting, and exporting data not found in the standard list of reports. Less sophisticated offerings and many internally-built frameworks require a direct connection to the database and the ability to pull the data required via an API or SQL query.

Marketing Automation Triggers

The key to successful marketing is relevance, timeliness, and value. The first two, relevance and timeliness, are hardcoded into Marketing Automation (MA) Triggers. Value is up to the organization to align offers to its recipients. Marketing Automation Triggers gives an organization the timeliness it needs by having the system send out targeted emails to customers in advance of their contract renewal date and it does not relay on human interaction to send out those emails.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouses are often at the heart of the strategic reporting systems used to help manage and control the business. The function of the data warehouse is to consolidate and reconcile information from across disparate business units and IT systems and provide a context for reporting on and analyzing:

• Corporate performance management
• Profitability
• Consolidated financials
• Compliance

Big Data

Big data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Business Intelligence is the tool that bridges the gap of taking Big Data and turning it into actionable pieces of information.

Detailed: People | Process | Technology

Business Intelligence is a valuable resource to every organization in an enterprise. However, not all are key stakeholders in the construct, customization, or upkeep and security of the data.

In complex service-provider product and selling environments, it’s the teams from Customer Service, Customer Success, and IT that bear the BI weight. Data is a primary driver of the daily activities of these groups, while the Marketing, Finance, and Operations team perform key key BI functions as well.



ATG maintains a set of 75 key business processes to support management of Customers and Revenue for Service Providers. Nineteen of these processes originate, or are impacted by, the Business Intelligence function. Below are the key processes that touch BI, categorized by the Organizational Unit that owns the process:

Customer Service Organization

Up-Sell Processing: Ongoing – the primary method for increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU), and is the process of moving a customer to a better product or service at some point during their relationship with your company.

Cross-Sell Processing: Ongoing – the primary method for increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU), and is the process of moving a customer to a similar product or service at some point during their relationship with your company.

Pro-active Customer Notification: Success Focus (Recommendations, Advice of Charge, Overage Notifications) – exceeding customer expectations by using data and triggers to notify them of an opportunity or looming risk.

Customer Success Organization

New Customer Onboarding – the process of creating a customer account, properly provisioning products and/or services, and communicating welcoming messages.

Customer Usage Monitoring – tracking and recording customer resource usage throughout a billing period and life cycle.

Retention/Churn Monitoring – the process of monitoring customer turnover.

NPS/CSAT Monitoring – process of tracking, reporting and following up on customer satisfaction metrics.

Loyalty Program Management – the way in which a business manages incentivized programs to retain its best customers.

Marketing Organization

Proactive Customer Notification – Marketing Focus (New Lead, Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Existing) – a proactive approach to obtain new leads and/or up-sell/cross-sell to existing customers.

Operations Organization

Proactive Customer Notification – operations focus (CC expiry, notification of payment received)

Loyalty Program Management – the way in which a business manages incentivized programs to retain its best customers.

Finance Organization

Commissions Processing – The process of tracking sales commissions and sales rewards programs.

IT Organization

Maintenance and Oversight of Monetization Ecosystem – processes around ensuring that all touch points and connections within the ecosystem are optimized to their fullest potential.

Vendor Management of Monetization Ecosystem – oversight and communication duties of ecosystem software components and their vendors, including management of vendor road map and change logs and general relationship nurturing.

Monitoring & Testing of Vendor Functional Releases – as ecosystem components release updates and patches, each is checked and tested to confirm all systems are working together as required by the business’ requirements.

Cross-Training of Monetization Ecosystem Components – process for training organizational resources on the appropriate software systems.

Security Oversight of Monetization Ecosystem – process for maintaining and controlling access and permissions to ecosystem components.

Data Stewardship Across Monetization Ecosystem – process of assigning ownership and sources of truth for data within the organization.

All Organizations

Daily, Periodic, or Ad Hoc Reporting (Extraction, Load, Report, Dashboard) – Movement of data between domains to create single source of truth for reporting and dash boarding.


The Business Intelligence domain consists for four distinct types of solutions as shown below:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehouse Plaform
  • Big Data Overlay
  • Report Writer / Visual Dashboard
Key Vendor Alert
The BI domain is made up of four software categories and are segmented in the Key Vendor section below.

Data Integration Key Vendors

Founded: 1911
HQ: New York, NY
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

The IBM InfoSphere is a master data-management platform intended to provide the foundational building blocks of trusted information, including:

  • Data integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Big data
  • Information governance

Additionally, the platform provides an enterprise-class foundation for information-intensive projects, providing performance, scalability, reliability, and acceleration needed to deliver trusted information and simplify difficult challenges. The IBM InfoSphere delivers market-leading solutions to our customers, allowing them to effectively use their information assets to achieve new levels of business innovation.

IBM supports businesses sizes ranging from small to midsize businesses to global enterprises from a variety of industries.

Logicalis US – ICT solutions and managed services provider

Salesbox – Predictive, mobile CRM provider

Sony – Multinational technology conglomerate

Toys R Us – American toy and juvenile-products retailer

Founded: 1993
HQ: Redwood City, CA
Company Type: Privately held
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Informatica is an independent provider of data integration software. They assist organizations around the world to realize their information potential and drive top business imperatives. Worldwide, over 5,000 enterprises depend on Informatica to leverage their information assets from devices to mobile to social to big data residing on-premise, in the Cloud, and across social networks. Their products include:

  • Big Data Management
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Security
  • Informatica Platform
  • Integration Platform as a Service
  • Master Data Management

Informatica tends to target customers on the Fortune 100 list within a broad mix of industries. – online marketplace for car shoppers / sellers

Citrix – multinational software company that provides server, application, and desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service, and cloud computing technologies

EMC – multinational corporation that sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing, and other products / services that enable businesses to store, manage, protect, and analyze data

GSK – multinational pharmaceutical company

Thrifty Car Rental – car rental company

Founded: 1977
HQ: Redwood Shores, CA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems. Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center–from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications. Oracle specializes in the following:

  • Primavera
  • People Soft
  • JDE Systems
  • BEA Systems
  • Hyperion
  • Retek
  • Siebel

Oracle has more than 380,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries around the globe.

Oracle tends to target companies of all sizes who are seeking integrated, industry-specific solutions engineered to address complex business processes across a wide range of industries.

Accenture – multinational management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company

Epsilon – global marketing company

Haliburton – multinational corporation offering oil field services in more than 80 countries

Norfolk Southern – trade and transportation company specializing in intermodal networks and railways

SunGard Availability Services – provider of critical production and recovery services to global enterprise companies

Founded: 1972
HQ: Waldorf, Germany
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and industries run more efficiently. SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more resourcefully and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. They offer solutions in the following categories:

  • Analytics
  • Context & Collaboration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Technology Platform

SAP applications and services enable more than 296,000 customers in 190 countries to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

SAP targets customers of all sizes and in all industries to assist in generating more value with SAP technology, software, and services.

Day & Zimmermann – specializes in construction / engineering, staffing and defense

Serco Group – outsourcing company that operates public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, military weapons, detention centers, prisons and schools on behalf of its customers

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters – outdoor outfitter

Evoshield – specializes in performance-driven sports protection with multi-sport applications

Harlequin Sales Corp – publisher of books for women

Founded: 1976
HQ: Cary, NC
Company Type: Privately held
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

With SAS data integration, the right data integration solution helps companies break down data silos and address today’s data problems while giving them a plan for the future. With data integration from SAS, users can:

  • Boost productivity. Get more mileage from existing resources – and increase productivity – by working from a single point of control. Quickly and easily access the data you need.
  • Share more of the workload. An intuitive interface means companies can entrust data to business users, giving them more control so others can get back to their own tasks at hand.
  • Be confident data is ready for action. Auditing tools that monitor processing and source data lineage let users know the data is primed and prepared for the next step.

Ninety-one of the top 100 companies on the 2015 Fortune Global 500® are SAS customers.

AstraZeneca – global pharmaceutical company

Briggs & Stratton – world’s largest manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines

Dow Chemical Company– world’s largest chemical manufacturer

DIRECTV – home satellite and entertainment company

Founded: 2005
HQ: Redwood Shores, CA
Company Type: Privately held
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Talend specializes in integration software. Through support of the latest big data platforms and innovations, Talend empowers organizations of any size to turn data into a strategic asset and competitive differentiator. Talend efficiently connects data and applications ranging from on-premise to cloud systems, from Hadoop to NoSQL and sensors. Working at the big data scale, five-times faster than the competition and at a fifth the cost, Talend enables companies to act with real-time insight about their business and customers. Their platform includes:

  • Big Data Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Cloud Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Master Data Management

Talend has helped organizations across every sector become data driven. Over 17,000 organizations trust their data to Talend.

Talend targets organizations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors.

AOL – multinational mass media corporation that develops, grows, and invests in brands and web sites

Groupon – global e-commerce marketplace connecting millions of subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services in more than 45 countries

Lenovo – multinational computer technology company

Prime Numbers Technology – company offering data analytics and benchmarking solutions

Sony – multinational conglomerate corporation

DW Platform Key Vendors

Founded: 1911
HQ: New York, NY
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

IBM Netezza is a data warehouse appliance that exists as a part of IBM PureSystems – expert integrated systems with built in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified user experience. Part of the PureData family, the Netezza appliance is known as the PureData System for Analytics. This tool helps organizations simplify the delivery of critical insights. Netezza technology powers:

  • IBM PureData System for Analytics
  • IBM Netezza Replication Services
  • IBM B2 Analytics Accelerator

Additionally, their Logical Data Warehouse application includes PureData systems for Analytics plus Hadoop, DB2, dashDB, Oracle or Spark. The IBM Fluid Query 1.5 enables deeper queries across more data and data movement capabilities. As a part of Netezza Platform Software (NPS), Fluid Query helps create powerful analytic combinations resulting in deeper insights.

IBM tends to target large businesses and enterprises in need of a fast time-to-value and simplified data analytics business solution.

Safety Insurance – premier provider of auto, home, and business owners insurance

Bon-Ton – department store chain stocking apparel, furniture, jewelry, and more

AmBank – financial services group in Malaysia

Seattle Children’s Hospital – pediatric referral center for the Pacific Northwest, specializing in the health care of children

Founded: 1984
HQ: Dublin, CA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

SAP ASE (SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise), formerly Sybase, was acquired by SAP in 2010 to expand their breath of database, analytics, and mobility solutions. SAP ASE is a computer software company, leading in developing and expanding innovative database technology. They deliver enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze, and mobilize information across all systems, networks, and devices. Their solution features:

• Lower operational costs with a highly-efficient database management system
• Maintain the performance and availability needed for extreme transaction processing
• Rely on a proven, secure database management system to reduce risk and increase agility
• Establish a path for continuous innovation within mission-critical application environments
• Synchronized product release cycles that avoid unnecessary upgrades and saves on support costs
• Applications and database optimized to work together and manage from a single interface
• Simplified business and deployment planning

SAP ASE tends to target companies with growing volumes of digital transactions in high volume trading, retail, transportation, healthcare, and telecommunication industries.

Heidelberg University Hospital –medical center in the Federal Republic of Germany

Banco Galicia – private bank for local capital in Argentina

Adidas Group – global leader in the sporting goods industry

Founded: 1939
HQ: Palo Alto, CA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

HP, the Hewlett-Packard Company, is a global information technology company that develops and provides a wide variety of hardware components and software. HP’s Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance is optimized to support the Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) software. This Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) hardware and software combination provides end users with high levels of I/O throughput by executing queries in parallel across 10-40 multi-core servers, which are physically located within one to four data racks.  HP’s Enterprise Data Warehouse also provides:

  • Horizontally scalable hardware and software used to design medium to large data warehouses/marts
  • Multiple servers (nodes), giving the appearance of a single Appliance
  • Redundant components and protection of compute nodes in the EDW/PDW Appliance
  • Hardware nodes with open CPUs, memory, and disks
  • Parallel processing across multiple servers (nodes) and across multiple cores within each server

HP tends to target consumers, small to medium sized businesses, and large enterprises including customers in the government, health, and education sectors.

Denali Advanced Integration – IT provider in the Pacific Northwest

HTG Peer Groups – forum for technology industry resellers

Bechtle – German information technology service company

PDS – British information technology service company

Founded: 1979
HQ: Miamisburg, OH
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Teradata, a data warehousing and enterprise analytics company, has recently acquired Aprimo, a leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software. Now, Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud powers brand engagement, connects companies with customers one-to-one and boosts sales by leveraging individualized insights to empower every element of a data-driven marketing applications program — including processes, channels, campaign financials, performance analytics, and even digital marketing templates — in a single application, on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Marketing Resource Management – Manage workflows, budgets, and market-ready assets that meet brand standards and industry regulations.
  • Omni-Channel Marketing – Deepen customer relationships by delivering individualized, relevant, right-time inbound and outbound communications
  • Digital Marketing – Create, test, execute, and optimize digital marketing campaigns via email, mobile, social and Web
  • Marketing Analytics – Harness the power of customer data to build relevant, sales-generating marketing strategies

Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud (Teradata Aprimo) targets industries and companies of all sizes looking to empower enterprise-marketing programs and connect marketing and IT.

American Eagle – nationwide clothing brand

Volvo – luxury foreign cars

Samsung – technology and communication services

Ebay – online retail platform

Proctor and Gamble – multinational consumer goods company

Founded: 2003
HQ: San Mateo, CA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Greenplum, a division of EMC, was acquired in 2010 and became the foundation of the Big Data Division. Greenplum is a Big Data analytics computer software company. Its products offer breakthroughs in harnessing the skills of data science teams to assist global organizations in realizing the full potential of business agility and becoming data driven, predictive enterprises. The division’s products include:

  • Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform (UAP)
  • Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA)
  • Greenplum Analytics Lab
  • Greenplum Database
  • Greenplum HD
  • Greenplum Chorus

Greenplum embodies the power of open systems, cloud computing, virtualizations, and social collaborations to enable global organizations to gain greater insight and value from their data.

Greenplum tends to target large-scale computing companies and global enterprises.

Amazon – electronic commerce and cloud computing company

Yahoo! – multinational technology company

Oracle – global computer technology corporation

Teradata – international computer company that sells analytic data platforms, marketing applications, and related services

Netezza – designs and markets high-performance data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications


Big Data Overlay Key Vendors

Founded: 1999
HQ: Forest Hills, MD
Company Type: Non-Profit
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Hadoop is an open-source software framework created by the Apache Software Foundation for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It provides massive storage and enormous processing power to handle any kind of data, tasks, or jobs.

Hadoop comes in a number of modules intended for different big data needs. These modules include:

  • Hadoop Common: Comes with common utilities that support other Hadoop modules
  • Hadoop Distributed File System: Distributed file system designed to give high-throughput access to application data
  • Hadoop YARN: A framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management
  • Hadoop MapReduce: A Hadoop YARN-based system for parallel processing of large data sets

Apache is a nonprofit company that develops a variety of open source, scalable software for a variety of companies ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises across a variety of industries.

EBay – online retailer

Facebook – social media website

Google – high-tech company

Hulu – video streaming service

Founded: 1999
HQ: Forest Hills, MD
Company Type: Non-Profit
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Cassandra is a database created by the Apache Software Foundation. This product is highly scalable and comes with high availability with compromising on performance. Cassandra is linearly scalable and fault-tolerant on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructures.

Cassandra’s data model offers column indexes with the performance of log-structured updates, strong support for de-normalization and materialized views, and powerful built-in caching.

Apache is a nonprofit company, which develops a variety of open source, scalable software for a variety of companies ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises across a variety of industries.

Apache competes with other open-source software development companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and more.

Report Writer/Dashboard Key Vendors

Founded: 2003
HQ: Seattle, WA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Tableau specializes in business intelligence and data visualization solutions. Tableau is available on several different platforms such as desktop, online, server, mobile, public, reader, and vizable. Their new version, Tableau 9.1, has the ability to communicate with several different web data connectors, including:

  • SDK
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SAP

Tableau serves a wide variety of customers ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises in a variety of industries such as retail and distribution, pharmaceuticals, biotech, education, construction, healthcare, and much more. – online web retailer

Kaiser Permanente – integrated managed care consortium

Rio Tinto – multinational metals and mining corporation

Cisco – networking equipment manufacturer, designer, and seller

Founded: 2004
HQ: Orlando, FL
Company Type: Privately held
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Pentaho is a data integration and business analytics company that provides enterprise-class, open-source platforms that support big data deployments. Penatho’s unified data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive and completely embeddable and is designed to power any sort of analytics in any environment.

Pentaho’s mission is to help organizations across multiple industries capitalize on the value of their data (including big data and loT), allowing them to identify new revenue streams, improve operation efficiency and service, and minimize the organizations risk.

Pentaho serves a wide variety of customers ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises in a variety of industries such as education, logistics, healthcare, gaming, marketing, and more.

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence – leading-edge maritime data analysis and remote monitoring technology

Assetworks – integrated workplace management system (IWMS)

BNSF Logistics – leading Supply Chain Logistics Company

Cardiac Science – global leader in cardiology products.

Founded: 1969
HQ: Ottawa, ON, Canada
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Cognos provides software to organizations that need to become  performance and analysis-driven. Acquired by IBM for $4.9 billion, Congos  operated as a wholly owned subsidiary until January 1, 2009 when it was absorbed into the IBM Infosphere product line under the IBM Information Management Software brand within the company’s software group.

Cognos serves a wide variety of customers ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises in a variety of industries.

Ameripath – a leading provider of pathology and diagnostic services to physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, and clinical laboratories across the U.S.

HealthPort – the experts on providing sensitive and protected health information through the release of information services and audit management technology, which is utilized by over 13,000 healthcare companies nationwide.

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) – a data-driven organization that manages the .CA top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians.

TELUS – leading national telecommunications company in Canada has a customer base of over 11 million wireless, internet, and wireline subscribers.

Founded: 1989
HQ: Tyson Corner, VA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

MicroStrategy specializes in providing enterprise software platforms, business intelligence, mobile intelligence, and social intelligence applications. Their solutions allow for the analysis of vast amounts of data while remaining easy to use, sophisticated, and scalable.

Additionally, MicroStrategy provides mobile intelligence platforms, which help organizations, build, deploy, and maintain mobile applications by embedding intelligence, transactions, and multimedia into the applications.

Further, MicroStrategy includes a number of social intelligence platforms, which help enterprises utilize social networks for marketing and e-commerce.

MicroStrategy serves a wide variety of customers ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to global enterprises in a variety of industries such as internet dating, sportswear, banking, entertainment, and much more.

Netflix – Online streaming service and content creator

Wells Fargo – Banking and financial services holding company

Whole Foods – Organic food supermarket chain

Adobe – Multinational computer software company

Founded: 2004
HQ: San Francisco, CA
Company Type: Public
Cloud/On-Premise: Cloud

Jaspersoft provides a flexible, cost effective, and widely deployed Business Intelligence (BI) suite, enabling better decision-making through highly interactive reports, dashboards, and analytics. Jaspersoft provides support for cloud, big data, and mobile deployments, helping its customers deliver on the promise of self-service BI at scale. Jaspersoft’s modular, scalable, standards-based solution architecture is easily deployed. Jaspersoft’s BI solution delivers functionality in several areas:

• Reporting and Analytics
• Cloud BI Solution
• Production Reporting
• Big Data Business Intelligence
Jaspersoft operates as a subsidiary of TIBCO Software.

Jaspersoft targets businesses of many sizes across a multitude of industries looking to improve business operations and streamline business data, reports, and analytics.

MSV Solutions – Brazilian IT service and solutions company

WI Bradley – independent mortgage lending firm

Airlines Reporting Corporation – technology solutions, information services, and transaction settlement company

BizFlow Corporation – leading global provider of Business Process Management software



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