ATG Monetization Ecosystem™



The ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ provides a comprehensive view of the technology components that are relevant to managing customers and revenue in the rapidly evolving service provider industries. For a given company, the areas of focus will be different and will likely include focus on different components of the ecosystem. For example, a company that provides products and services to the consumer market through the e-commerce channel will require a different set of technologies than a business-to-business company that sells to customers via a negotiated selling model with quotes and rigorous contracts.

We submit the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ in several formats. The first is a simplified format that describes the categories of technology that are likely familiar to most departments in a service provider environment.

High-Level ATG Monetization Ecosystem™

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The above diagram is a representative sample of the simplified ATG Monetization Ecosystem™. This example is typical of larger service-based providers and is really just a jumping off point for a deeper dive into an enterprise’s people, processes, and technologies. ATG expands on this model with more detailed ecosystem methodology developed around sub-domains of the categories of functionality listed above, as well as organizational units, necessary processes, and software categories and vendors.

ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ By the Numbers


Detailed ATG Monetization Ecosystem™

Today, most executives are familiar with the concept of CRM-SFA, eCommerce, Partner Relationship Management, Credit Card Processing, etc. This format is useful for identifying high-level categories of functionality that are necessary for a particular customer. The diagram can be used for a variety of purposes, for example to highlight areas where investment is necessary to meet corporate objectives.

Many of these components are familiar to our clients and are mature functions with many proven technology choices. Credit Card Processing is an example of a mature segment, with a variety of proven, low risk options. Areas such as Configure Price Quote, and Billing & Collections Engines are a bit more amorphous in their composition and maturity. Companies need to be very careful with their technology choices in these areas.

Some domains, such as Marketing automation, were mere blips on the radar a few years back while others – such as Usage Processing – have been around forever, but have been repositioned based on the emergence of industry trends such as Internet of Things and expansion of recurring revenue models.

The diagram below depicts an architecture view of the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™. In this diagram the 18 components are decomposed to more than 140 sub domains that represent functionality typically resident within the domain. This is a crucial level of detail to ‘double click’ on a particular capability to ensure the right level of detail is being evaluated. For example, if you are a company operating in a recurring revenue model, with pre-paid usage plan for select markets, you would need to further evaluate the ‘Billing & Collections’ area function to ensure you know the high level capabilities needed to support your business requirements. Upon scrutiny with this level of detail, gaps in capability to support desired business process often become evident.

People | Process | Technology

Which came first – the Chicken or the Egg?
Which is more important in football – Offense, Defense, or Special Teams?
Which is more important on a car – Engine, Steering, or Brakes?
Where should organizations focus to optimize their customers and revenue – People, Process, or Technology?

You get the point. Obviously, all three need to be clicking to maximize the relationship with the customer. However, as a consulting company, every day we see that companies are not achieving the necessary balance across these three domains. Typical examples of ‘out of sync’ People, Process, and Technology that we encounter regularly:

People Out of Sync

Example: A business buyer is working with an unmotivated Sales Rep, who is using the latest CRM/SFA technology with the world class Miller Heiman sales process.

Outcome: A lost sale and lost potential long-time customer are due to the unmotivated, under-performing sales resource at the point of contact.

Process Out of Sync

Example: A customer has received an email with an upgrade offer, and has responded that they are interested but no one has contacted them. The company was employing the latest marketing automation and customer success tools, but the process was poorly executed and the customer’s request landed in an unattended work queue.

Outcome: Lost up-sell opportunity, largely due to inefficient process design.

Technology Out of Sync

Example: A classic example here is a call center experience where the consumer is kept on hold while the system takes 60 seconds to look up a payment status.

Outcome: Poor customer experience, largely due to technology limitations.

There is no meaningful business process that does not require efficient balancing of People, Process, and Technology.

Effective management of the ATG Monetization Ecosystem™ means a targeted focus in three areas – People, Process, and Technology.

For a Service Provider, there is no meaningful business process that does not require efficient balancing of People, Process, and Technology. This has always been the case, and savvy CIOs have found ways to balance Technology investments with supporting people and process initiatives in conjunction with their business counterparts.

As the pace of technology quickens, the need for finding appropriate balance has never been more important. We live in an era where ‘anything as a service’ has replaced fixed, capital investments in products, which means customers have never had more flexibility to move to an alternate, competing service provider. In addition, Social Media has created the opportunity to win, or lose, customers at an unprecedented pace. One embarrassing interaction with a customer can lead to significantly more than just one lost customer.



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