ATG Volunteers during Habitat for Humanity’s National Women’s Build Week

ATG Cares - Missoula Habitat for Humanity

  • ATG News Team
  • ATG Cares
  • June 9, 2017

A group of ATG employees put away their laptops, stepped away from their desks, and spent the day pouring concrete footers and helping build a home in Missoula for a mother and her four children – all under age nine – during Habitat for Humanity’s National Women’s Build Week.

This year 13 employees from ATG participated.

Volunteers throughout the city joined in during the National Women’s Build Week with Missoula Habitat for Humanity to help build the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Burlington Street. The build week is held annually around the nation leading up to Mother’s Day and invites women to devote at least one day to help families build strength, stability, and independence through housing.

The week is meant to spotlight the home ownership challenges women face and reinforce the message that every woman can make a difference through learning and using construction skills.

According to Elena Merrill, a consultant in the Missoula ATG office, “It was so rewarding to be able to learn new skills and know that you are helping a family move into a home. I learned more about how Habitat works and the requirements to be part of the program. Families must donate sweat equity and help build their homes. They also take out mortgages and buy their houses for a price that is within their budgets. They are not free homes.”

Working with Habitat for Humanity is a way for ATG to give back to the community, Merrill said. “It is a great organization to donate time and money to, and I would like to keep the relationship going and see if we can have a few builds every year.”

In addition to helping with the Burlington Street home, ATG employees helped build flower boxes on a home constructed last year.

The build on Burlington Street is ongoing, and the organization encourages volunteers to drop in to help Tuesday through Saturday. Missoula Habitat for Humanity has been in operation for 26 years.

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