The Quote to Cash Tour

Now, generally you hear a lot about Quote to Cash with big service-provider, business-to-business companies in negotiated-selling environments. But let’s break the concept down to the lowest common denominator – McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s.

The Call of the Wild – ATG Employees Who Came Home to Montana

Call of the Wild

The size of a company can have an impact on almost every aspect of its work environment, from daily operations to individual job responsibilities to office culture. So, what is it like to leave a large, established company and move to a small but quickly growing one?

ATG Q2Cast Primer: Your Day on the Mountain

ATG Quote 2 Cast Summit

If you read ATG Q2Cast Preview: Your Day on the River, you’ve probably already realized that you need to get up pretty early in the morning to eat your lunch by 8:30 am.

ATG Q2Cast Preview: Your Day on the River

8:10 am – You’re blindfolded and driven to the Guide’s secret fishing spot. You don’t understand why they felt the need to pistol whip you after your eyes were covered but you play along because you heard they do things a little differently up here in Montana.

Implementing Cloud-Based Quote to Cash in Large Enterprises

Large companies in many industries have implemented or are considering the implementation of cloud-based solutions for their back-office. The driver to change may be a compelling event, such as the end of life of existing back-office applications.

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

Will technology help streamline more inefficiencies in the recruitment process? Absolutely. But will it ever replace the human factor? Likely not.