Beauty in the Beast

Beauty in the Beast: The PM/BA Hybrid

Holly Colbert
Dec. 7, 2015

L ast time , I wrote about a two-headed monster. The poor conflicted PM/BA hybrid. All of that inner turmoil about issues meeting the business need and the conflict with time and budget. I have been contemplating that argument and, for me, it highlights one of the beauties of the PM/BA hybrid. When resolution to that conflict is being driven by one person, some level of personalities and egos are removed from the equation.

This, of course, does not mean that egos and personalities are removed from the argument entirely. The IT sponsor who’s bonus or reputation is dependent on an on-time delivery certainly has some personal agendas to contribute to the debate. The business functional lead who will have to deliver the message about a cumbersome work-around to her team will definitely bring some strong opinions on which constraint should give.

The key driver for the project, however, is the Project Manager who is the steward of the scope, schedule and budget; and the BA who is an advocate for the business and driving value, those two, all in one person competing for the best balance and solution. Amongst those people, no ego conflict, no personality conflict. Just the facts and someone who must find the best balance to satisfy the competing objectives of their multi-functional role.

Ahhh, yes this two headed beast IS a beautiful thing!


Holly Colbert is the Vice President of Solution Delivery at the Missoula Solution Center of ATG and oversees the facility’s team of project managers and business analysts.