Breakfast Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

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Whatever your taste in drinking establishment, Missoula has you covered. Just don’t ask for bottle service.

There is saloon for every ilk, from the deepest dive to Montana’s version of swank. Clubs? Not really. But you can dance at just about any of the following and no one will care. Maybe stay off the tables.

Read on for the best places to grab an ice-cold beer (domestic or local), discover a mouth-watering cocktail (again, made with domestic or local spirits), and devour Missoula’s best bites, all while staying in the heart of downtown.

We’ll start at the bottom. We have everything here.

What is your definition of dive bar? Maybe you call it a Hole-in-the-wall? Backwater tavern? The office? Whatever reference you use we all have the same scene in our heads: dark, dirty, smells like stale beer (and maybe old fry grease), and has that special something. There’s no shortage of these places in Missoula and here are the top of the bottom.