ATG & Cognizant: One Year Together

ATG has always been proud to be a key contributor to the local community. Being a part of Cognizant has only served to expand our ability to do so. In the last year, we have accomplished a great deal, with more to come.

Things I Learned Undercover at Quote 2 Cast

I used my unintentional anonymity and sloth-like reflexes to slip away from my conference duties and go undercover at Q2Cast as an obviously worldly and mildly-educated summit attendee. Nobody asked me to. In fact, I was explicitly directed not to talk to anyone at the conference lest others think all ATGers are like me, but that just made the ruse that much more authentic.

The Quote to Cash Tour

Now, generally you hear a lot about Quote to Cash with big service-provider, business-to-business companies in negotiated-selling environments. But let’s break the concept down to the lowest common denominator – McDonald’s. That’s right, McDonald’s.

The Call of the Wild – ATG Employees Who Came Home to Montana

Call of the Wild

T he size of a company can have an impact on almost every aspect of its work environment, from daily operations to individual job responsibilities to office culture. So, what is it like to leave a large, established company and move to a small but quickly growing one? Jason Anderson When Jason Anderson was looking for a new job, location …

Quote 2 Cast 2017 Curtain Call

ATG Quote 2 Cast Summit 2017

Well, ATG’s inaugural Quote 2 Cast Summit is in the books, but I am pleased to say that the ripples from this deep dive into the pond are continuing to flow!

ATG Q2Cast Primer: Your Day on the Mountain

ATG Quote 2 Cast Summit

If you read ATG Q2Cast Preview: Your Day on the River, you’ve probably already realized that you need to get up pretty early in the morning to eat your lunch by 8:30 am.

ATG Q2Cast Preview: Your Day on the River

8:10 am – You’re blindfolded and driven to the Guide’s secret fishing spot. You don’t understand why they felt the need to pistol whip you after your eyes were covered but you play along because you heard they do things a little differently up here in Montana.

Ask the Expert: Ted Brookbank with Tales from the Billing Dark Side [Part 1]

Tales from the Billing Dark Side Part 1 Ted Brookbank ATG

E ven businesses with the most efficient enterprise support systems occasionally must face their dark side. The experts at ATG see these situations all the time. One of their most experienced back-office billing and operational support systems solutions leaders is Ted Brookbank. He is a senior member of ATG’s Business Transformation and Delivery team and today he is going to …

“You Spelled ‘Quote to Cash’ Wrong.”

ATG Quote to Cast Summit

You have a typo in your title.” Everyone keeps telling me that.

“Quote to Cash is spelled wrong.”

“No, that is intentional,” I respond. “Troutforce was taken, so we went with Quote to Cast.”