ATG Helps Client Overcome Complex Approval Processes


Client needed to simplify the quoting and ordering processes and reduce reliance on legacy means of doing things.

Industry: Customer Experience Management
Services: MCX Management Software


  • The client, a customer experience and market research company providing consumer data analysis in real time, was experiencing rapid growth.
  • As the client grew, management of their legacy product catalog and quoting process became too difficult. The client needed a way to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and emails and increase visibility and control of the quoting.


  • Advisory Services: ATG utilized agile project management and business analysis tools and processes to understand and document the client’s requirements.
  • Implementation Services: ATG provided strategic design and configuration of Salesforce CPQ to model the business’ use cases. ATG and the client worked together to ensure knowledge transfer took place that allowed the client to manage the system on their own once implemented.


  • Upon successful completion of the CPQ implementation, the client was able rollout CPQ business users in all geographic regions.
  • The client was able to simplify their selling process and eliminated the need to track quoting through spreadsheets, word documents, and emails.
  • The client now utilizes Advanced Approvals which greatly improves their ability to control the products and discounting being presented to their customers.