Client Retools With Salesforce CPQ & Billing, Other Key Managed Packages

case study

Client Retools With Salesforce CPQ & Billing, Other Key Managed Packages

Industry: Technology
Services: Cloud Security


The client, an enterprise-level managed detection and response cloud security company, need to refactor their Quote to Cash systems to stay on the leading edge of their industry


  • The client had 50+ quoting errors per month, the result of a significantly bloated and complicated product catalog.
  • The client spent over 24 hours per month on invoice reconciliation, due to significant manual processes as well as the need to accommodate a complicated account and partner structure.
  • They had a quote creation time of approximately 20 minutes per quote, the result of limited systems continuity and redundant data points.
  • The company had spent an average of 80 hours per month on manual billing efforts, due to limited systems continuity, redundant data points, and time spent putting together reports to support the process.
  • The client had made a business decision to migrate away from the Zuora billing system utilizing a very aggressive timeline.
  • With Zuora, they had very limited support for both automated payments and revenue recognition use cases.


Implementation Services: ATG implemented the following solutions.
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Salesforce Billing
  • ATG’s NetSuite Connector for Salesforce Billing
  • Avalara Avatax for Salesforce Billing
  • PayEezy for payments
  • Conga for document generation


  • Approximately 90% reduction in product catalog
  • Consolidation of all customer sub-ledger activities onto one platform, significantly reducing many of the challenges previously described.
  • Automated support for custom revenue recognition use cases in line with ASC 606 standards
  • Automated payments for all credit card customers, which removed the need to manually process more than 200 credit cards each period
  • Automated integration with NetSuite, reducing data entry and data errors