ATG Case Study:

Apttus CPQ Implementation Streamlines Client & Employee Experience

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • As part of a larger Quote to Cash transformation project, the client needed to improve their company’s quoting and contract technology and processes to provide a more streamlined, consistent experience for both their customers and their employees.
  • The client had no global IT structure, multiple billing solutions, and disparate product catalog structures.
  • In addition, quote approval processes were often lengthy and frustrating, and renewals unusually time-consuming.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Advisory Services: Engaged with key stakeholders to identify pain points in the enterprise Quote to Cash system across multiple countries and IT architectures.
  • Advisory Services: Created global target architecture and collaborated with the client to identify needed new technologies, including Apttus on the Salesforce platform as a recommended CPQ solution.
  • Implementation Services: Consolidated enterprise to a single Salesforce instance, collaborating with Salesforce to optimize process improvements.
  • Implementation Services: Retired all existing quote and contract systems and implemented Apttus CPQ, CLM, and Revenue Management.

Results & Impacts:

  • Overall Quote to Cash process has been optimized, leading to reductions in overall sales cycle time and the cost to turn up and service customers.
  • Apttus’ fully integrated, global CPQ and CLM solution improved customer satisfaction and reduced revenue leakage through increased service accuracy.
  • The implementation also increased visibility into the ordering process, improving the customer  experience and reducing canceled orders.
  • Customer and revenue reporting accuracy improved.
  • Operational expenses were reduced.
  • Better revenue management was enabled, allowing customer-margin calculations to simplify up-selling.

Client Background:
Leading IT Services Company



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