Quote-to-Cash Reimagined

ATG Case Study:

Drawing a Blueprint Bridging Existing and Acquired Platforms

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • A large communications provider is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S., recognized as the industry’s gold standard across the network services market in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise, as well as data, voice and managed services for consumers.
  • Large acquisitions with millions of subscribers vastly expanded the provider’s back of ce billing and operational assets. Early on, they recognized conversion practices could be far quicker and less messy with the tools and talent of skilled partners like Advanced Technology Group.

The Charter:

  • Analyze current practices and create a better, faster, vibrant conversion strategy aligned with the company’s reputation.
  • Add features to conversion and migration strategy and planning for unrivaled network inventory consolidation abilities.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Make the unknown known and manageable thanks to our expertise in data mapping, process flows, pre and post migration data clean up, Extract Transform Load (ETL), and data quality analytics.
  • Acting as the moving truck and movers, move data from house to house and organize the “junk drawers” in the most practical way – pre or post move (target system data clean up) – based on the project’s priorities and working with all other vendors and stakeholders involved.

Results & Impacts:

  • A remarkable 30% decrease in data conversion cycles resulting in tremendous costs savings.
  • Witnessed several migrations delivered on time and on budget – rarely seen in the industry.
  • This large communications provider is able to better care for its customers, enhancing customer experience.

Industry: Telecommunications

Services: Communication and Data