Quote-to-Cash Reimagined

ATG Case Study:

Competitive Market Research

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • The business landscape for audio and web conferencing is highly competitive. Product features, price points, and customer loyalty continually evolves.
  • Wanting to stay in front of the competition, ATG’s client requested market research comparing features of their products to those of their competition.
  • Research requests require quick turnaround, often within 24-48 hours, challenging ATG consulting professionals to meet complex and unique needs quickly and efficiently.

The Charter:

  • Provide on demand, tailored research to meet the needs of clients to help them better understand their market position.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Access to ATG consultants’ industry knowledge provides well-rounded feedback when performing usability testing on both the competitor’s and the client’s current products.
  • ATG’s unique approach to researching competitors’ products provides clients with information about the total view of the customer through in-depth analysis of billing and invoices, customer service, and UIs.
  • Multi-faceted approaches to competitive research provides robust understanding of competitive products and organizations.
  • By utilizing ATG’s Resource Management Framework, consultants are able to leverage fractional or on-demand talent to provide timely information and insight into potential markets and industry standards to reduce business risk and help identify new opportunities. Resource Management also allows consultants to be flexible in meeting the demands of the largest or smallest tasks.

Results & Impacts:

  • With ATG’s customizable competitive research, their client was able to cross- compare products and features providing them with a competitive advantage over the competition.
  • Through the research process, ATG provided the client consistent visibility into the working product sharing insight early in the process, all the way to delivery.
  • The client was able to leverage ATGs consultants’ industry knowledge at the same time saving money because they did not have to go through a formal research company.

Founded: early 1990’s

Revenue: approx. $1.2 billion

Services: Web Conferencing

Industry: Telecommunications