ATG Case Study:

Cardinal Health Leverages SteelBrick’s
Advanced Approvals

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • Cardinal Health’s Pharmaceutical Modernization (PMod) project, which establishes common platforms across multiple business units, required a tool for standardizing quote line level approvals while providing realtime analytics.
  • High volume, quote line level analytics and short approval turnarounds were major
    challenge areas.

The Charter:

  • Evaluate Cardinal Health’s business requirements, design a SteelBrick solution and work with an internal Cardinal team to implement the designed solution.
  • Act as liaison between vendor and customer and to intermediate custom work needed.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Enablement of SteelBrick Advanced Approvals.
  • Discovery and analysis of business requirements leading to best in class design of approval engine.
  • Identification of approval engine improvements during design phase.
  • Provided strategic onsite configuration support and management to ensure proper alignment of the teams with client goals, including daily standup meetings.
  • Communicated new design requirements and intermediated multi-ple iterations of product enhancements to meet business needs.

Results & Impacts:

  • Satisfied key business requirements by cohesively guiding both organizations (Cardinal Health & SteelBrick) through enhancement iterations that led to a working solution for Cardinal Health.
  • Implemented and enabled SteelBrick Advanced Approvals for the Cardinal P-Mod team, allowing the organization to build upon the foundational phase design.

Industry: Business Services
Services:Health Care

Revenue: $102 Billion
Headquarters: Dublin, OH

CEO: George S. Barrett

“ATG has been a great asset to the Cardinal Health P-Mod PTC team. I am extremely proud of ATG being able to work so well with Cardinal Health… The team has satisfied key business requirements…and we are able to provide a solution (version 1) that met our demanding needs.”