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ATG Case Study:

CenturyTel Embarks on a Journey

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • The merger of CenturyTel and Embarq required a rapid increase in testing capacity and process improvement to manage increased work volume and decreased timelines across a three-year, five- market data migration and conversion program.

The Charter:

  • Assemble a team of testing, process, and automation specialists to design, train, and implement a QAP team to support enterprise data migration and conversion.
  • Automate 80% or more of the manual test cases used for the conversion.
  •  Optimize QA efficiency and effectiveness to:
    • Reduce cycle-time by 30%
    • Simulate “a day in the life” of production during peak hours (how integrated applications perform under expected volume increases due to conversion.
    • Leverage a near-premise solution center model to handle multiple QA programs.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Manual regression testing.
  • Automated regression testing using HP Quick Test Pro (QTP),
    SQL, and VB scripting.
  • Performance testing using HP LoadRunner and C.
  • Testing management and metrics reporting through the use of HP
    Quality Center.

Results & Impacts:

  • Reduced test execution costs by as much as 50% (more than $2 million annually in 2012).
  • Automated more than 90% of the regression suite (over 25,000 test cases).
  • Reduced test execution for regression by more than 80%.
  • Achieved a zero-defect rate in production for performance relate issues

Industry: Telecommunications
Services: Communication & Data Services

Revenue: $18.4 billion
Headquarters: Monroe, LA

Website: centurylink.com
CEO: Glen F. Post



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