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ATG Case Study:

Drawing a Blueprint Bridging Existing and Acquired Platforms

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • Internap, a high-performance Internet infrastructure provider, attained key technical assets by acquiring a competitor company.
  • To fully leverage these assets, Internap wanted to internally deploy the acquired CRM, billing, and performance monitoring assets, as well as resell them to customers as an expanded product suite. The acquired technical platforms had to be integrated into Internap’s existing enterprise.

The Charter:

  • Design an IT architectural blueprint to guide internal software platform integration, taking into consideration future performance and scalability targets.
  • Ensure that the blueprint supported integration and post-conversion of customer and transaction volumes, while meeting or exceeding current performance standards.
  • Validate that the new architecture would scale with hardware additions and con guration changes.
  • Verify that required software modi cations performed as expected and that customer and transaction data converted per quality speci cations.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • QAP performance solutions leveraged Apache JMeter & Verax SNMP Agent Simulator for load and scalability testing. MySQL Tuner, Linux sar utility, and Applications Manager monitored performance.
  • QAP manual functional testing solutions through TestLink.
  • Test and defect management and metrics reporting with JIRA.

Results & Impacts:

  • Confirmed that the recommended architectural blueprint supports as much as two times the expected post-conversion volumes and was scalable to future performance targets with hardware addition.
  • Discovered high volume and critical defects early in the project lifecycle and proactively resolved them to stay on the baseline project schedule.
  • Recommended and implemented test management best practices using TestLink and JIRA.

Industry: Internet
Type: Corporation

Revenue: $345 million
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Founded: 1996

Website: Internap.com
CEO: Eric Cooney