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ATG Case Study:

SkyTouch Lauds CPQ, Billing Implementations

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • SkyTouch Technology is the leading provider of cloud-based hotel property management software (PMS).
  • Skytouch was looking to add CPQ functionality and seamlessly integrate to a billing and financial system. SteelBrick CPQ and SteelBrick Billing most closely matched their requirements as an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Skytouch also needed A/R and aging capabilities, dunning, and the ability to track debits and credits, features not built into the early version of SteelBrick Billing.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Implementation Services: ATG was able to work with a very tight timeline (8 weeks) to stand up SteelBrick CPQ and, at the time, InvoiceIT, utilizing a variety of templated workflows and accelerators.
  • Implementation Services: ATG provided customization to the Billing solution by adding requirement needs from the client, as well as integrations with products from Conga, Avalara, and Intuit.
  • Managed Services: SkyTouch utilized ATG’s Managed Services to work with their QA team to resolve outstanding issues post-deployment.

Results & Impacts:

  • Successful Implementation of SteelBrick CPQ and SteelBrick Billing
  • Successful integration of third-party Document Management software (Conga) and Tax software (Avalara)
  • Added Accounts Receivable functionality with account aging, as well as Debit/Credit and Dunning processes
  • Integrated with SkyTouch Technologies current third-party financial management software.

Industry: Software
Services: Hotel Management

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
Revenue: $42.7M

Website: SkyTouchTechnology.com

 ATG made completing our SteelBrick implementation possible! I’d have had no chance at delivering the project by the short deadline without the experts at ATG. They were an invaluable resource for my seemingly endless questions. Their incredible dedication to completing the project on time, and
with high quality, matched my own.

Thank you, ATG!  

Jason Gladstone
Salesforce Developer, TouchSky Technology



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