Quote to Cash Reimagined

ATG Case Study:

SteelBrick CPQ Spurs SmartDrive
Efficiency Gains

Summary of Business Challenge:

  • SmartDrive had a customized selling model with complex product selection rules and pricing. The maintenance of pricing and product catalog was getting too difficult using their current system and needed a way to streamline these functions and allow their sales teams to quickly
    create quotes.
  • Implementing SB allowed SmartDrive to increase sales quoting efficiency, create process around the selling model and build more accurate proposals.

The Charter:

  • ATG Assisted SteelBrick managed services to gather requirements around existing systems and needs. They then worked with SmartDrive to design, implement and configure SteelBrick CPQ. While configuring the system, ATG Implementation consultant assisted SmartDrive resources in knowledge transfer.

ATG Solutions & Tools:

  • Collaborated on requirements documents and workbooks to assess and validate solution needs.
  • Provided strategic design and configuration to create a customized environment which would fit the business use cases.
  • Met regularly with the involved stakeholders to pass necessary system information to support their continued development of the solution.

Results & Impacts:

  • Completed development to provide client with ability to run new business through quoting
    and renewals.
  • Customer confidence allowed for an extended support period to further assist in training, configuration and strategic design.

Industry: Information Technology
Services: Fleet Management/Safety

Revenue: $5 Million
Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Website: www.smartdrive.net
CEO: Steve Mitgang